7 Heat-free Hairstyles

7 Heat free Hairstyles

Booked an appointment to style your hair for the upcoming festivals, haven’t you?
Blow drying, curling and flat-ironing your locks can cause damage, leaving them dead, dry and less than lustrous. Hair strands are composed of keratin proteins, which are either destroyed or severely damaged when heat is applied on to them. It can strip your tresses of natural oils and the essential moisture necessary to keep them thick and healthy. Relying on styling tools to look good may seem to be the fastest mode but its no more is a healthy option.
This festive season, we give you a reason to ditch the artificial styling tools, without making you compromise on your style statement. Believe it or not, with the correct technique, you can easily create a flattering hairstyle without damaging your hair.
Flow your mane with those irresistible twirls and shiny curled locks with just a few smart do-it-yourself at-home tactics:

  • Hair perm– Wash your hair an hour before you go to bed. Let them dry naturally. Tie your hair in a tight braid. Leave it overnight. Undo the braid the morning next for a stylish perm mane.
  • Soft waves– Shampoo and condition your hair. Let them dry naturally, leaving them slightly damp. With the help of a wide toothed comb, get rid of the tangles. If your hair is hard to curl, rub in some texturizing paste. Take a hair tie, twist sections of hair and put them up in a messy bun. Wait till it dries completely. Carefully remove the hair ties. More the buns, more the number of curls. Tighter the buns, tighter the curls.
  • Wild curls– Start with damp hair. Snip vertical long strips of an old tee shirt/sheet/pillowcase/ paper bag or you could just use socks. Separate your hair into sections. Wrap each section of hair with your chosen strip. Start by placing the rag strip (fold it in a V-shape) in the middle of your hair. Pull the strip down and twist your hair around it. Make sure you tightly secure it by few twists and then roll it upwards. Once you’re near the scalp. just tie the loose ends of the strip in a knot. Move to the next section. Smaller the sections are, tighter the curls. Leave overnight. Start by taking off the paper gently, twisting it out, the morning next.
  • Natural waves– Every girl loves natural, romantic, barely-there curls. Start with dry and clean hair, sightly damp, on the bottom half. Apply a pea sized amount of styling mousse, comb it to distribute evenly. Weave hair into braids. Keep the braids loose at the top and tighter in the middle. Let dry for a couple of hours or leave overnight. When lose, run your fingers through the curls. This makes the curl loosen out a bit. Apply hair spray if needed.
  • Spiral curls– Fold, twist and turn small sections of wet hair onto your scalp. Pin tightly with bobby pins. Do this just before you go to bed. While sleeping, secure these loops with a shower cap.
  • Finger Curls- Apply a bit of hair spray or styling cream and start twirling sections of your hair around your finger. Twirl clockwise on both sides of the head—left side’s curls turn in and the right side’s turn out. Secure with bobby pin. Leave overnight. Let lose next morning.
  • The Top Bun- High buns aren’t just for ballerinas anymore. To make one perfectly, tilt your head forward to collect hair at the top of your crown. Use a bristle brush to gather hair into a tight ponytail. Pull the hair in the ponytail forward, and spray them with a hairspray. Then, lift the tail of your ponytail straight up and back comb, or tease, to create soft texture and volume. Loosely wrap ponytail around the hair elastic. Secure with bobby pins and mist with hairspray.