No More Hair Loss!

No More Hair Loss

Hair loss Partial or complete loss of hair from scalp is called alopecia. Hair loss is quite common these days. A person loses 100-150 strands of hair daily, which is normal. But losing more than that can actually be a reason of concern. Hair loss is usually associated with poor […]

7 Heat-free Hairstyles

7 Heat free Hairstyles

Booked an appointment to style your hair for the upcoming festivals, haven’t you? Blow drying, curling and flat-ironing your locks can cause damage, leaving them dead, dry and less than lustrous. Hair strands are composed of keratin proteins, which are either destroyed or severely damaged when heat is applied on […]

Deep Conditioning And Why It’s Good For Your Hair

Suffering from severely dry or damaged hair? Or is your hair normal but it seems like those bad hair days are becoming more and more frequent? You may have been doing everything right – protecting your hair from the elements, shampooing the requisite number of times, and spending hours styling […]