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    Value for money

    Am a die hard peanut butter fan and the taste of this is really pushing me to this drink each and every time. No need to review an ON product. Only negative is about the pricing because of the import duties in India. Go for it :)

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  • Tastes decent

    Tastes great esp. with warm milk

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  • OK ok

    Didn't like the taste

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Reviews of all (Optimum Nutrition) Gold Standard 100% Whey Protein

  • On Gold Standard Is Not Available In 1 LBS

    On Gold Standard is the best whey protein, but it is not available in 1 LBs. If you buy 1 LB ON Whey Protein then Gold Standard will not be written on it. Difference is only 1 GM protein which is 24 gms in Gold Standard and 23 Grams in ON Whey protein. My question is how healthkart is selling Gold Standard in 1 LBs.

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  • 11 Kg weight loss in 2 months!!!

    My age is 32, Height is 5' 7''. My goal is to lose around 25 kg. I started taking this On gold standard whey protein 2 months ago when my weight was 83 Kg. Now, my weight is 72 Kg....I took 1.5 scoop where protein shake everyday post workout under the guidance of my gym instructor. With proper diet. Cardio and weight training, I lost 7 kg in first month and 4 kg in 2 month...total 11 kg weight lost...so girls don't shy away taking whey powder and lifting weights.

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  • Very Good

    Its the best protein i have used till date. I am very sensitive to lactose and i always used to bloat a lot after having protein shakes. But with this ON 100% Whey i dont bloat at all. Taste it good too. not like any other proteins which taste so sweet. i highly recommend it.

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  • On whey protein

    For those guys who are new.. this is a whey isolate and hence will be inevitably costly. This is goood but u may try other normal whey proteins which will have similar results and also gives worth for your buck spent

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  • Does Wonders all the time. Lovin it.

    As usual, ON gold standard has proved to be no.1 supplement. 100% pure whey protein which dissolves in seconds, absorbs in minutes and results in a few days... People who wish to gain lean muscle mass in a short time, Just go for it.

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    Iam Not a Frequent Hard-worker But Iam Using This As a Good Source of Protein Results Are Visible & Feeling ,Less Fatigue, Diminished My Food Cravings, Woke Up Early Morning Without Feeling Tired & Remember If U r Vegetarian [ Which Iam Not ] Must Take This Not Particularly This Product . But Any Sort of Protein Supplement In Advice of Some one Well Experienced Because There r 3 Macro Nutrients R Commonly Known As Fats, Carbohydrates,Proteins First Two You Can Easily Get From Any Source But Proteins R Mostly Present In Red Meat Which Many People Can't Endure In India & Many People Also Can/t Afford Daily Non Veg Not Only Money is the Factor But Also Hygiene All Kind of Non Veg Foods Required Heavy Oiling Except Grilled & Barbecued So Move On To This And Good Luck.

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  • very good product

    It is the best whey protein when it comes to achieve lean body... thank you

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  • good taste awsome result

    good taste awssmm result.. I love this protien

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  • Best whey protein in class.

    I've been using ON products for last 6 months. I have used ultimate nutrition prostar and dymatize elite in past and I'd rate it on top of them. Results - 1. Gained 10 lbs of muscle. 2. Lost an incredible 8 percent bodyfat. Taste- 9.5/10, Chocolate can't taste better than this (will be much better with milk). Mixability- 9/10. Had some lumps but stir for another 10-20 seconds and good to go or add a little water. Result- 10/10, no doubt about results. Have extra glutamine of 4 grams. Amino acid matrix is perfect. ON knows it very well otherwise it would not be the best protein selling in world. Recovery- 9.5/10 Does not feel sore the next day. Take 3-4 times daily; less if you are already having some meat in your diet. For Beginners- Go for it, don't even give it a second thought.

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  • Rock bottom prices and genuine products

    The price was so low that I thought I may end up with a duplicate product however I have received the product and it has a ON seal. (Not the Neulife seal) If you check on ON website it shows that HealtkKart (Bright Lifecare Private Limited) is an authorized distributor in India so don't worry about it. This is the safest website to place an order. The quality of the product doesn't need any more reviews. It's stood the test of time.

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