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  • Overall health

    The product is good. After 2 weeks you will feel better. It improves your overall health along with controlling diabetes. Kudos to India government and CSIR for working on this project.

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  • Excellet!

    My mother's sugar levels were above 200. After having these pills for around 40 days the levels are down to normal. Although this sounds very good and she feels great I am skeptical as this may have drugs which maybe harmful in the long run. Maybe I am just paranoid.

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  • Satisfied

    Feeling Good

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  • AIMIL BGR-34

    This product is quite nice..... gives you energy and allows u to remain peaceful. Having said all this, a Diabetic person needs to understand that Diabetes cannot be cured.... it has to be maintained .... it does not give licence to eat what tongue craves for. BGR-34 controls the Sugar level effectively and provides amazing energy through out the day.

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  • Really effective

    My wife used to take insulin in the morning and evening, Now , she is taking it only half of the previous doses in morning only after continuous one month use of BGR34. I am also using it and I reduced the dosages as half table only in morning.

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  • Good produt -BGR-34

    BGR-34 is a good product. i used it from 3-4 months. it control my blood sugar very much. thanks BGR-34

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  • BGR-34 Go for it !!

    This is the best medicine introduced researched by Govt. agency for diabetic. My father blood glucose level is now normal just after completing one bottle of 100 tablets.

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  • WOW BHR 34

    I have been taking BGR 34, 2 Tabs each morning and evening since February 25th 2016 (alongwith my other prescribed allopathy medicines). I am glad to share that my blood sugar has come normal ( 90/ 130) in 45 days. I am very much happy now as I am now being advised to reduce the dose of allopathy medicines which is quite heavy.

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  • excellent

    I am taking regular

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  • helped in controlling sugar

    i started it few months back and first time in 4 years my sugar was under control. initial my sugar used to be 300 to 450 and after started allopathy it came down to 250 but never it was under control. just in few months with its intake it was in control.

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