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  • A Truely Unique Product !

    I have been using EZENUS for the last three months ( one pack/mth ). Good to have this product available on Healthkart now. Great results from this product , infact all claims from the product have proved to be true. EZENUS has helped me get rid of the after effects of stressful situations and also reduced the dependence on solutions such as products high on caffeine.The product is very unique ( pure herbal & Sugar free ) and has convenience of use. Overall great value for money product .

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  • Kudos to both EZENUS and healthkart.com

    I just happened to stumble up on this product on Healthkart.com . I ordered one pack and as usual Healthkart.com was quick in delivering it as well. The ingredients of EZENUS speaks for themselves. High on natural Antioxidants and good for liver. Within just 10 days, I was feeling the change in my body and mind. It gives you a relaxed and calm mind without any side effects on brain [very important point to be considered ]. I have ordered one more pack for my diabetic uncle today. Kudos to both EZENUS and healthkart.com :)

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  • Looking forward to trying ezenus!

    An antioxidant, liver detoxifier and anti stress candy that comes in paan flavor! It's definitely an interesting combination. I normally eat a lot of candy and if ezenus proves to be stress relieving, Im ready to replace my usual sugary unhealthy candy with this health-benefiting one!

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  • Good for Immunity

    I purchased Ezenus at a trade fair in Ludhiana back in 2014 and I am very happy with the results. I have been consuming it regularly for a period of 1 year. I can sense that I do not fall prey to cold, flu or viral fevers so easily. My overall health and most importantly immunity has improved

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  • good

    Ezenus has definitely reduced my anxiety and the candy form adds to its appeal. After popping in a few Ezenus candies, I did feel a lot calmer during my GATE exam. Psychological or real, it definitely had an effect !

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  • Good Taste. Goood benifits.

    After completing the therapy I realized that how much I needed it. Day fatigue and lapse of concentration got substantially reduced.

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  • Ezenus - anti-stress candy

    It really does stand up to my expectation . It's a very stress relieving candy that too pan flavored . Just consuming one candy during work somehow increases my concentration when I'm super tired. Plus it's completely herbal so health-wise it's beneficial as well . One candy per day can really add some extra energy to your life,Believe me.

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  • V Good for liver

    I make sure that my husband eats Ezenus every day. I am worried often because he is suffering from a Uric Acid condition. However, since I have heard that the herb punarnava is very good for liver, I purchased Ezenus

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  • Suitable for diabetics

    I am so happy I took my daughter's advice when she recommended Ezenus to me. I am diabetic and my sugar level has been regulated. I didn't know sugar could be attributed to stress. I was in a difficult situation because many medicines for diabetes do have side effects, and I do dread the insulin injections. but the best way to fight sugar is through Ayurveda and I am glad I tried Ezenus.Now I don't need to worry about the adverse reactions the allopathic medicines would have on me.

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  • Candy can do

    "Ezenus" ant-stress Candy is very useful and effective product in market to reduce stress level in our busy life.

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