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Value for money
  • Best !!

    First and most important con is its price. VERY AFFORDABLE than other products. 24gm protein per 30gm serving!! Whoa! Second, I've been using this whey since the last 5 months. Let me be clear that my goal is to loose my body fat to get to 10% body fat level WITHOUT LOSING any muscle. I'm not in my bulking phase yet so I can't say with experience that it gives good gains. But it did help me maintain my muscle while I lost my body fat with regular workout. So I'm quite happy with it. Plus I don't see the point in splurging money on expensive brands when my aim is to maintain my muscles and lose fat which I am achieving with this whey. And oh, it tastes good too. It doesn't make very smooth shake in the shaker but I prefer the grainy texture so it works out for me. If you want smooth texture use blender. BOTTOM LINE: If you want a good whey protein which doesn't burn a hole in your pocket and your main aim is so lose fat while maintaining muscle(or gaining) GO FOR IT!

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  • Matrix nitro whey

    Pros: 24 grms per 30 gms scoop, Its cheap. Cons: 100% whey concetrate only(zero% isolate)60mg glutamine and 90 mg of creatine, so its not at all anabolic .. taste is acceptable,i have used ON,ultimate nutrition,Isopure before, matrix nitro whey doesnt match up to them in quality. i brought it only because of price and 24 grms per scoops is pretty good. Gains are acceptable.

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  • Anabolic nitro whey

    Ihis products really works . I found it after research and finally got the best as per the quality and price.

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  • Pro Summary
    Value for money

    Keeping it to the point: 1) Mixes well. 2) Taste is great with water and with milk its awesome(but I won't recommend that obviously) 3) I've gained 9kg skeletal muscle in past 6 months and 0.3kg body fat by using this product. Obviously with tough training and extremely clean diet. 4) It fits perfectly in my budget, costs me around 5.2K-5.5K for 8.8lb per month. P.S. To some 300gm body fat might seem very high but I am still at 3.1% body fat so I can experiment. And obviously I was not paid to this review, though I wish I were. :P

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  • Good product

    This product is ok when u compare to cost of the product, i had decent gains.

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  • Muscle bulider

    its tasty and I have observed seemingly good gains

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  • good buy for this price tag.

    i would not say that this is the best supplement around as i have tried everything known to mankind but i sure want to promote it for the fact that it is quite functional with 24 gm of protein per serving and it is fortified with vitamins and minerals and has some amino acid complexes like bovine colostrum and l arginine. it mixes very well with water and it is kind to the stomach too but as it is an Indian product i am little skeptical about its quality having said that its been just over a week and i am getting some results already.

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  • Matrix Anabolic Nitro Whey - Cheap and Best

    Chocolate Flavour is good and mixes well. I have got a good result after consuming this Whey Protein. People who want to buy a whey protein supplement at a Rock - Bottom price, I suggest that Matrix is here for you.

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  • A very good product.

    I have been working out for about 5 years now, on and off, i have used all kinds of products imported, indian, fake everything. So here is my take on this product. I think this is a very good product for the price you pay for it. It is indian but this product is lab tested as i got it confirmed from my dealer. And last but not the least results. I used this product when i had to lose bodyfat and this product to my surprise helped me lose weight while retaining lean muscle size. I was using creatine monohydrate with it (5 grams per day). will definitely buy it again.

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  • Matrix Anabolic nItro whey

    good product . I really like it. got th good results. Must buy it.

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