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  • Best All-In-One Multivitamin

    This is the best multivitamin in terms of quality & cost. With each serving you are getting: 1. All essential vitamins perfect for gym-guys. 2. Fruit & Veggie Blend. 3. Amino Acid Blend. 4. Alpha Lipoic Acid. 5. Green Tea Extract. 6. Grape Seed Extract. 7. Pemegrante Extract. 8. Choline, Bioperine, Silica, Boron, Lutein, Lycopene, Vanadium, Astaxantin, Zeaxanthin. 9. No Wheat, Gluten, Salt, Diary, Fish, Preservatives, Artificial Colours or Flavours Added. 10 And the most important it runs for whole 3 months that I don't think any other multi like this would go with this. price range

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  • This is the best. Beats Everything hands down

    Before reading this review please understand that Vitamins are a micro-nutrient in your daily food intake. They are essential for the long term functioning of the body but sadly the importance is understated. Most of the Vitamin tablets being sold in India are a sham. Why you ask? Well take Revital for example. It has way less vitamins and minerals that are needed in our diet in a single capsule. In fact to just meet the daily requirement you need to take 4 of those. The label on it also does not specify what is necessary in how much quantity and how much is Revital providing. I had to search them on the internet to understand the details. Now this is the stuff we should have. It has clearly demarcated information specifying its contents, how much is actually required and how much % increase it is providing. In fact if you check, only one tablet here will provide you almost twice the dosage of the daily vitamin intake your body needs. This product beats every other Vitamin tablet out there sold in India by a wide margin easily due to its quality. This pack is imported. Not available readily. So after you place the order it will take almost 20 days for the product to arrive. Next thing is the cost, which is on the higher side. But for the quality i am happy to pay the price. in comparison Revital is almost 6 times cheaper with the same quantity. But remember the hidden cost of quality. Finally the question. Should you take it?I would unwavering say - Yes, you should. The price justifies the quality.

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  • Must buy

    For every bodybuilder

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  • it good


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  • Ultimate!!!

    Other than the smell its really a good product

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  • ultimate man multivitamin

    this is one of the best all in one multivitamin. the vitamins and minerals composition are of optimum levels and not RDA recommended levels. i usually feel very tired and weak and could hardly bear bright sunlight as they strain my eyes. i read a book by dr Ray Strand named "what your doctor doesnt know about nutritional medicine may be killing you", after which i search for a multivitamin close to the optimum level recommendation. i have been using ultimate man, eat balanced food and exercise for nearly two years and all the problems seem to fade away. i hardly visit the doctors except for minor cold. i suggest we read and understand first before taking anything. thanks

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  • Top class product

    Healthkart should stack up on this. This is probably the best multi in the market.

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  • Good Product

    Good Product . Doesn't gives you gas or any sorta problem in stomach. Better to take once at a time with meal twice a day. but again , most multivitamins contains zinc and magnesium so better not to take these with meals containing casein or calcium rich foods.

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  • Good product

    I was first afraid to take Vitamin supplements since I thought it might have some side effects. But this one is really good. The digestion is easy, easy to swallow and is perfectly safe, even for my sensitive body.

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  • Best Product

    I bought this because i am regularly going to gym and working in IT field so having proper diet is a little difficult for me . So in order complete my vitamin needs for my body . I ordered this product . And i do my gym with full vigour and my day goes great. Thanks HealthKart for bringing such wide variety of products under one roof.

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