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  • A protein that's works hard on your muscles...

    This is a protein that works hard on your muscles and goes easy on your pocket... I have used three flavors so far: "Strawberry", "Raspberry" & "Chocolate Cream" - "Strawberry" tastes the best (try it with Apple Juice - it tastes tooooo good) and the not so great taste has been "Chocolate Cream". Coming to the nutritional facts: If you compare it with all the other available brands (ON, Dymatize etc) it has the best amount of protein per scoop (25gms per 30gms of scoop). The only protein that's cheapest than this one is MuscleBlaze (Indian brand) - which has 25gms of protein per 33gms of scoop. UN has 6gms of BCAA (compared to 5.4gms of MuscleBlaze) which stimulate muscle protein synthesis and speed up the recovery rate of Muscles after workout. It mixes very well in water 10 on 10. Please do read about Fast-twitch and Slow-twitch muscles to make the best use of this product and work hard in the gym to gain more and more muscles. I highly recommend this product and hope that UN does not increase the price just to match the other brands. Good luck and happy lifting! Thanks to Healthkart for a super-fast delivery and genuine product every time. Please change the free stuff that we get with the package; people (like me) who often buy protein supplements have 3-4 HK shakers now which is of no use, I would recommend giving something else of the same value (eg: Gym bag or something related to fitness) as free stuff to your regular customers. Still, I big thank you to the Healthkart team!

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  • Guys, understand the reality first

    I have been working out since last six years and when I saw some reviews people have complaints regarding this product. First of all we should keep in mind that protein only repairs muscle tissues which are damaged due to work out. So if you are not able to see any improvements, probably you need to change workout schedule because ideally it should be changed every after 3 months. Coming back to this product, this is one of the highly protein rich product. There are very few supplements that give 25 grams of protein from 30 grams of spoon (Even ON doesn't). And this is having more than BCAAs than any other product of this range which prevents muscle breakdown. So before claiming this product is not good or not giving any results, then there is issue with your workout plan. Because all whey proteins function same.

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  • protein

    when you eat a lot of protein or creatine you would end up damaging your liver and kidneys , so you are advised to drink lot of water , i would advise you eat liver : Liv52 capsules from Himalaya Kidneys - apart from drinking a lot of water eat tribulus terrestries (gokshura in hindi ) it is a herb available in medical stores as gokshuradi guggulu which cleans up the kidneys naturally and boosts testostones also , it is used by body builders for gaining muscle and bone strenght also use

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  • Pro Summary
    Value for money

    The protein supplement is no doubt amazing and very cost effective. What disturbs me it that the official distributor sells it for 5099 and MRP on the tub is 5999 and HEALTHKART sells it for 5700 that too discounted from 6700.. Good going healthkart.. keep ripping of people

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  • Review - Strawberry flavor

    Taste (10/10) : Tastes like strawberry milkshake, you domt get that yucky taste that most whey protein brands have. Mixability (5/10) : it always has some clumps, but vigorous mixing makes it creamy, try it with a blender. Cost (8/10) : i think 25g per 30g..for the price is reasonable. Effectiveness (9/10) : Noticable changes..it also helps in reducing fat..seriously!!! Whey protein supplements are really safe..no adverse effects, I am a doctor myself and i saw some pathetic reviews about its safety..any food or supplement in excess will cause harm..excess protein might cause kidney stones,,but not always(prevented if you intake lot of water)..taking two servings apart and maintaining a positive nitrogen balance is essential for muscle growth..it also depends on your workout schedule..people underestimate the importance of rest for muscle growth..lifting weights for 3-4 days per week not more than one hour a day are essential..youngsters who are so crazy about doing bicep curls every day, are giving extra stress to their muscles, without giving them time to recover.. Finally...right exercise, right diet and right supplements are essential for muscle growth I recommend UN prostar whey :)

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  • BEST IN MARKET.......

    Ultimate Nutrition Prostar : 25 grams per 30 grams ON Gold Standard 100% : 24 grams per 30.4 grams Dymatize Elite Whey : 25 grams per 33.6 grams I HAV USED ALL THE ABOVE THREE..PROSTAR GIVES 6 GRAMS BCCA AND 25 GRAMS PROTEIN PER 30 GRAMS .....ALSO PRICE IS VERY LESS COMPARED TO OTHER BRANDS.....I AM HAVING GREAT RESULT WIT IT........

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  • I strongly recommend 100 % Whey Protien

    I Own a Fitness Centre called The Atlantis Fitness Centre. I personally am using this product and I strongly recommend it for those who would want lean muscle. As advised by other reviewers , this product helps muscle recovery. I do not feel tired after two hours of workout at all. So People who want to stay fit and not put on weight but want your cuts and curves go ahead an buy this wonderful product.

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  • Pro Summary
    Value for money
    great product

    very great product... but expensive on healthkart... Ultimatenutritionindia.com you can buy it for just 4250rs. offical importers... healthkart is promoting MUSCLEBLAZE i have taken 3 jars of musclesblaze whey protein but My guess is It was just Bornvita in it... no results healthkart is official seller of Muscleblaze thats why they promote Muscleblaze with fake reviews.. very dissappointed by Helathkart... even healthkart sells ultimate whey prostar on high prices and keep it out of stock most of the time. because of the fear helathkart knows if they will dell ultimate at low prices... muscleblaze will be in a great loss brand owned by HEALTHKART so inderctly it loss for healthkart.

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  • Must Buy for Everyone

    UN Prostar is really awesome... 25 gm prtein per serving with additional BCAA & Gultamine.... Whoa.. it has a Better profile then Gold Standard. GS is highly priced. Prostar is Just Perrrfect. Must for for everyone. Getting some visible results within a 2lb jar. Goin to order 5lb C&C flavor this time.Thanks Fitnesspro & HK

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  • Pro Summary
    Value for money
    Best for Beginners

    have 2 scoops after workout and take perfect protien diet like 6 egg whites and you can see transformation within a months. But drink 3-4 lt of water per day.

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