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Value for money
  • Venky's Albumen is really good

    This product is mainly used for the thermogenesis of fats. A very good drink combined with a workout to give you the best results.

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  • best product ever.

    This product is from an indian company, that means no 50 % exise duty on this product and hence cheap when compared to foreign products. Albumin is the best source of protein and its BV is 100 %. Agreed it does not mix that well but I mix it with papaya juice and its a blast for me. If this product would have been a foreign one then it would easily cost you around 4.5k/kg. Last but not the least awesome results.

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  • dare to compare with others

    This product is worth to try. It will not let u down in ur post workout recovery and build. no side effects which normally occurs in other foreign brands. taste is fine.

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  • Working well!

    Vanilla flavor is what I purchased. I'm using cold milk to mix though it won't get mixed well. I swear it won't taste horrible-add enough sugar if you feel so(Remember, it's egg white powder, not whey). It's started giving good results. Venky is one of the famous brands in India so, don't waste time and money by stupidly thinking about the hygiene of manufacturing. Guys, work hard-take enough rest to see the results.

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  • Tastes just fine - happy with my experience

    I hesitated many days to buy this item because of negative reviews here. Fortunately I did buy it, and have used it a few times. In my experience, there is no problem with this product. In fact it has some great positives. Reviewers who are so unhappy should try to improve their usage methods before rushing here to moan. With that caveat out of the way, let me describe my experience. I bought the Vanilla flavor. Taste - Perfectly acceptable. No egg taste. Texture - superfine powder - easily

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  • Pro Summary
    Value for money
    Value for money and cheap among others.

    The taste is not so good. You have to soak the power for few hours, then only it will mix properly. It's effective on muscle grow. If you do workout properly, changes can be significantly visible. It's value for money and cheap. Preferred to use during entry level.

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  • Perfectly blended

    Initially i faced the same problem, as it would always refuse to mix well with water, i even puked once while drinking, then i read the instruction which clearly states that the product is supposed to be mixed with milk, albumen plus mixes well with milk and nothing is wasted, its perfect, tastes absolutely fine. People try mixing this with milk, instead of complaning. 9/10

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  • AwEsoMe product !!!!

    I have been using albumen plus for more than a week and I had great results.I am an engineering student and have a very tight schedule so cant follow a diet plan so albumen really helps. Though i have a problem that it doesnt mix well with water and hot milk, otherwise it is an excellent product.Its taste is good,no problem with the taste. If u are a vegetarian then take whey protein,if not then just take albumen plus(albumen is egg white protein)i really love this product!

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  • Great Product

    Excellent product boys. While mixing just put 1 parle G biscuit in the shaker and there would be no lumps and you will have a smooth drink - milk or water, does not matter. try it!

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  • review

    the best way to build muscles naturally.it is actually dried egg whites thus providing what you need and very less of what you dont.

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