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Athletics Shoes

Athletic shoes are footwear specially designed for athletic performances or what we call sports. Athletic shoes can be used during physical workouts too. Nowadays there are such fashionable shoes for athletic that these shoes are being used for day to day casual purposes. In different parts of the world athletic shoes have different names. For example in England, they are mostly called trainers, in Australia they are known as joggers, in Canada or the greater United States they are called sneakers, Gutties or runners, in Philippines they are called rubber shoes, in Nigeria they are called Canvers and so on.

The Liverpool Rubber Company manufactured the first shoes for athletic and the era of manufacturing was the 1830s. These shoes had an upper sole made of canvas and then had the characteristic rubber soles. Nowadays there are numerous classy brands selling athletic shoes all across the globe. Some of the popular athletic shoe brands are Adidas, Hi-Tech, Puma, Nike, Reebok, Converse etc.

Athletic shoes can be of a number of types depending on the kind of sport during which it is being worn by the player. Here are some of the main types:

  • Running shoes-Such shoes are very lightweight and allow the player to run briskly. Marathon runners mostly use running shoes.
  • Skate shoes-Such shoes are specifically designed to be used during skateboarding. The cup soles and air pockets near the heel area protect the heel of the skater from bruises.
  • Climbing shoes-Such shoes are specifically designed to be used during rock climbing. These shoes closely fit the climber’s feet and have very sticky outer sole made of rubber.
  • Football boots-These are sturdy boots worn by football players during football matches. These boots are designed for the turf and the player will never lose his balance wearing these boots.

The main benefits of athletic shoes may be listed below:

  • Good athletic shoes would offer ample cushioning to the feet of the athlete, all sides of the athlete’s feet, forefeet , heel so that the athlete’s feet absorbs least shock during athletic performances. In that better injury prevention will be possible.
  • The soft padding or microfibers used in the interiors of the athletic shoes greatly boosts the player’s comfort level at the time of the sport
  • The player’s stability, flexibility and motion control is greatly enhanced with the usage of good athletic shoes.

Here are some tips for choosing the right athletic shoes:

  • If you do both running and walking, don’t pick the same kind of shoes for both purposes. Running shoes are likely to be more flexible while those meant for walking are stiffer. So get separate pairs for both.
  • Have knowledge your foot’s size and shape thoroughly. You can go for a ‘wet’ test to get an idea about your foot’s shape.
  • Keep in mind the sports you are used to playing. The athletic shoes you choose should be sports-specific.
  • Try to run or walk some steps after wearing the shoes. You should feel comfortable in them.

See to it that the shoe permits you to wiggle freely all toes of yours when you put it on. This will prove the breathability of the shoe.