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Tennis Court Shoes

Tennis court shoes, now called court shoes as well are footwear specially designed to be worn during the game of tennis. Proper tennis court shoes will allow the player to bear the rigors of the game’s abrupt starts and stops, short sprints, very quick and frequent lateral moves. The other name for tennis shoes was Sneakers. The concept of tennis shoes originated from the industrial revolution that took place in the 1800s. The industrial revolution introduced the usage of vulcanized rubber and new shoe manufacturing techniques such as assembly lines and this simplified the process of shoe manufacturing. Tennis shoes in general are known for their extremely pliable rubber soles. Tennis shoes have a dynamic construction, a GDR outsole that covers the complete length of the shoe, a transition bridge facilitating the heel-to-toe movement. These are some of the many features that make the shoes ideal for the tennis game.

The main benefits of using proper tennis shoes may be listed below:

  • Proper tennis shoes will offer stability and grip to the player on the surface on which he or she is playing. This will help the player more agile and he or she will be able to make more brisk moves in the tennis court with confidence.
  • Proper tennis shoes will offer comfort to the player’s feet. Generally most tennis shoes are designed in such a way that a gap of about ½ inch remains between the largest toe of the player who is wearing the shoe and the shoe’s end point. This sort of designing ensures the free flow of air through the gap and increases the shoe’s breathability
  • There is a kind of lateral support in most tennis court shoes and such support allows the player to course through the tennis court between the baseline sides without hurting his ankles in any way. Protecting the player from injuries thus is one of the major benefits of tennis shoes.

If you have to perform well in the game of tennis, you need the right kind of tennis shoes. For choosing the right tennis shoes first consult a podiatrist to understand the foot type you have. Once you know about the foot type of yours, you can pick the tennis shoes of your choice. While choosing the shoes, inspect the upper of the shoe; i.e. the top part and make sure it is not very tight. If you have the habit of dragging toe at the time of serving look for a shoe with a durable toecap. Next inspect the insole. Shoes with removal insoles should be opted for by players who have been suffering from foot problems. Midsoles are made up of polyurethane or vinyl acetate. Players who make aggressive moves on the court should specially inspect the midsole while choosing tennis shoes. The outsole of the shoes and their wearing out rate depends on the surface on which you are playing and your gaming style. So these are the factors you have to keep in mind while choosing tennis shoes.