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Cricket Shoes

Cricket shoes are not just ordinary shoes; they are thoroughly tested under extreme conditions and have a special grip sole to help the player maintain balance. In order to provide protection and comfort to the cricket player these shoes are highly cushioned, light weight and flexible. These shoes protect your feet from injuries and bruises and offer you superior performance.  Mostly the design has remained the same since several years.

Cricketers all over the world still wear the conventional heavy leather soled shoes. The most important feature of these shoes is weight reduction, stability and cushioning. These 3 play vital roles in the performance of cricket shoes. Today with new technologies and research, new shoes of modern parameters and designs have been created.

When buying cricket shoes, keep the following tips in mind:

  • Cricket footwear should provide players ease and flexibility in running on the cricket field. These shoes have rounded sole contours and enhance the cricketers’ performance.
  • These shoes are made of synthetic material that not only offer enhanced durability but also breathe better. Modern shoes for cricket contain elliptical lacing system. This is more comfortable for the player as it evenly distributes the load across the top portion of the foot and reduces injury.
  • Cricket footwear comes with spikes on their sole to provide the player a grip on the ground when he is playing the game. The player has to run to field the ball, maybe he is a bowler who needs specific spikes and if he is a batsman then he needs some other type of spikes on his shoes. When you intend to buy new cricket shoes, you should give due importance to the design of spikes to provide your legs great comfort.
  • The spikes can make it easier for you to walk on the field and prevent pain in your feet. The shoes with the right type of spikes will also provide a proper support for your ankle and prevent nasty ankle injuries. You should not go for style but for comfort.
  • The spike shoes are very helpful as they dig into the ground and provide you support from falling over or slipping. The spikes on the shoes are of different types, depending upon the type of player you are. If you are a bowler, the spikes should cover the complete sole of the shoe as it will help you bowl effectively.
  • If you are a batsman, then the spike should be only at the front of the shoe with a slight grip at the rear. For a batsmen, multi-functional or half spike shoes are ideal. Apart from the spikes the size of the shoe should be such that you feel comfortable in them. Today there are various brands of cricketing shoes in the market, but cricketers purchase those shoes in which they feel their feet are comfortable.

When you want to purchase shoes for playing cricket, don’t search for top brand. Look for quality and comfort, read reviews about the shoes. You can get a lot of reviews online where many cricketers have posted their views on the shoes they wear. Make sure that the cricket shoes you buy suit you but they need not necessarily be from the expensive lot.