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Carrom is a board game that is easy to understand and play while being difficult to master. It takes many years of dedicated practice for any player to become an expert at the game of Carrom. Playing Carrom does not require much strength but finesse and a gentle touch instead. Thus it is a game that can also be enjoyed by children.

Carrom involves little risk of injury and improves your mental focus. In addition, Carrom promotes social interaction while providing a fun way to enjoy some quality time with the whole family.

The global governing body for Carrom, the International Carrom Federation (ICF), was formed in 1988 in Chennai, India and since, the rules of Carrom have been standardized and codified.

Carrom is played on a square wooden board, 29 inches x 29 inches, that has four corner pockets. It is played by flicking a piece called a ‘striker’, at the black and white object disks called ‘carrom men’ in order to pocket the object disks into one of the corners.  

The game may be played between two players or four players. The goal of the game is to sink your nine object disks or ‘carrom men’ and also the red ‘queen’ before you pocket your last disk.

The opponents sit on opposite sides of the board. You can only strike from your side of the board. The striker must touch both of the base lines and should cover the end circle fully or not at all. The striker should also not touch the diagonal arrow line on the board.

Whoever breaks the game or plays first is always white. The red ‘queen’ may be pocketed at any time after you have sunk your first piece. After pocketing the queen you must sink one of your pieces into any pocket in the next shot, which ‘covers’ the queen. After the queen has been sunk and covered, whoever sinks all their pieces first, wins the game.

At HealthKart, you can browse through our range of Carrom boards and Carrom accessories and with variety in price and functionality you can be sure to find just what you are looking for.

With celebrated brands bringing you products, you would never feel the lack of quality merchandise in our category. You may choose from brands like Stag, which ensures you receive products that are the best in quality and functionality.

All our Carrom boards are made from high quality wood and are thoroughly quality tested. You can buy the very basic in Carrom boards that come without a stand. Provided with extra thick border to ensure better rebound, the board ensures that your entire family will certainly enjoy their game of Carrom.

For more comfort while playing, you can also go in for our low stand Carrom boards, with coins included. For a professional feel, you can go in for our wheel and stand Carrom boards that are convenient to move around and a pleasure to play with.

Now buy your Carrom board online and have them home delivered with healthkart.com. You can pay online with your credit or debit card, or even netbanking, using our secure payment system. You can also go in for the cash on delivery option and pay at the time of order delivery instead.