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Cricket Balls

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Cricket Ball

Cricket ball is the ball sportsmen use in playing the game of cricket. The ball is usually quite solid and hard. The cricket ball is made up of cork which is coated with good quality leather. Two cork halves are joined with the help of a thick reel of strings. The cork ball is placed within a leather case and then is stitched tightly. The sewn seam is slightly raised and if it is a good quality cricket ball the total number of rows of stitches would be 6. The designing and the way a cricket ball will be manufactured are all strictly regulated by rules laid down by the cricket laws.

The Test cricket matches are played with cricket balls that are red in color while the One Day matches are played with cricket balls that are white in color. There is an ongoing debate as to whether the difference between red and white cricket balls is merely a difference of color or whether both the balls are same as far as bowling is concerned. Many experienced cricketers hold the opinion that white balls have increased impact and swing when compared to the red balls. The other cricket ball colors such as yellow and orange have also been tested but those are not so much in use.

Many great cricket controversies have been making their rounds in the recent times due to ball tampering which is nothing but making changes in the cricket ball’s state beyond what is permitted in the Cricket laws. Cricket laws for instance do not allow a player to rub his sweat or saliva on the cricket ball because that influences the speed of the ball. If the player is found guilty, he may be dismissed from the match.

Generally the weight of a cricket ball ranges between 155.9 to 163.0 grams and measures between 224mm to 229mm. But these balls are usually extremely hard and so players might get injured while using them. For junior cricket matches and women’s cricket, the balls are a little smaller. If during a match the cricket ball is declared unfit for playing by the umpire due to wearing out or if the ball is lost, it can be replaced as per the cricket rules. Kookaburra, Dukes, Willo Stix, Gray Nicholls, Readers, Incrediball, Speed Up, Gunn and Moore, Tournament SPL are some of the popular cricket ball brands famous all across the globe.

If you want to score massively in the game of cricket, you have to use the right cricket ball. While choosing or buying a cricket ball, consider what type of cricket you are used to playing; i.e. whether recreational cricket, league matches or training. Secondly if the ball you are choosing is a good quality cricket ball, it will have finer stitches in its outer cover and the number of rows will be near about 6. It is wise to opt for a ball with a construction that comes in 4 pieces rather than the 2 piece one because such balls are durable and have a much better quality. So these are some tips you should consider while choosing cricket balls.