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Cricket Bats

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Cricket Bats

Cricket bats are specialized clubs that batmen use for hitting the ball while playing cricket. This club consists of a narrow handle that is long enough and a flattened and broad end to hit hard the ball which might go for Boundary or Sixers, causing the crowds in the auditorium to applaud at the player’s performance. The words ‘Cricket bats’ were used for the first time in the year 1624. During that period the bats looked like hockey sticks because underarm bowling was a practice that time. In the 1970s the cricket rules underwent modification and length bowling was done by bowlers. Thus the cricket bats were modified too. The handle was made long and thing and the sides were made parallel to the long handle. But they were very heavy. In the modern times, cricket bats have improved technologically and qualitatively. They are extremely lightweight and so today’s batsmen can handle modern cricket bats with ease.

Traditionally willow wood is used for making cricket bats and the variety of willow wood used is White willow. This particular willow wood variety is extremely tough. There is no chance at all of the wood splintering when hit by a high velocity ball. Another good advantage of White willow wood is that it is not at all weighty. When this wood is used for making cricket bats, the procedure involves treating the wood with un-boiled linseed oil that forms a protective film on the wood.

According to Cricket Rules or Laws whatever, the cricket bat length should not exceed 965 mm; i.e. 38 inches and the breadth should not exceed 108 mm; i.e. 4.25 inches. Regarding the weight of cricket bats, no specific rules have been pointed out but most bats weigh between 2-3lbs.

Some of the popular cricket bat brands famous globally are Reebok, MRF, Kookaburra, Adidas, Puma, SG, Speed UP, DSC, Nivia, Gunn and Moore etc. The main benefits of using a good cricket bat are:

  • Ease of playing
  • Far better strokes
  • Good score

 If you want to play the game of cricket successfully, you will need to buy a good cricket bat. Here are some guidelines on how to choose cricket bats: 

  • Choose a cricket bat that is lightweight. It will be easy for you to manage the bat in the field.
  • Choose a bat that comes with a comfortable length. Too long bats will have slow speed.
  • It is best to choose bats made out of English willow. The variety is called Salix Alba Cearulea. The willow has special properties that never make the wood brittle.
  • When choosing a cricket bat, you should thoroughly know your bating style. Front foot batsmen should choose cricket bats bearing lower middles while back foot batsmen should choose cricket bats bearing higher middles.
  • It is wise to choose bats with shorter blade lengths because that will greatly improve pick-up of a batsman
  • Also examine the bat thoroughly before you make the final payment. It should not contain any cracks or fissures. Strike the bat a couple of times with a soft ball to test whether any crack is developing or not.

With a good cricket bat in no time you will turn in to a cricket hero.