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Cricket Batting Gloves

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Cricket Batting Gloves

Cricket batting gloves are worn to prevent injury and protect the hands of the cricket player while batting. Whatever many be the level of cricket you play, the part most prone to injuries are the hands and hence for protection cricket gloves have to be worn. At the time of fielding, injuries are common amongst players. In the case of batting, also if a batsman misses a shot then the ball could slam on the hand instead.

Batting gloves prove to be a savior in such cases helping to develop confidence in the player while at the same providing protection. Why are gloves worn while batting? Benefits of wearing cricket gloves while batting include:

  • Comfort
  • Protection
  • Confidence while playing
  • Flexibility

Cricket gloves for batting purposes, come in a range of sizes for men, small boys, small men, youth, oversized men or large men.

Cricket gloves have been worn for basic protection since many years. Fibers in raw cotton were used in the making of gloves earlier. As of today, modern technology is being used in their making to offer protection to the mid-range, additional protection to the fingers, index finger, sides of the hand, etc. Foams of the highest density are being used in modern day batting gloves.  Impact is absorbed in a much better way due to the foam.

Manufacturers are ensuring use of materials that are stiff like inserts in strong plastic to protect the hand better. For the finger area, casings or tunnels are created to increase protection levels. Smart fabrics are also currently being used in the manufacture of cricket gloves for batting. The gloves flex well in response on impact and shield the hand from injury and absorb any shock.

You should remember a few things when shopping for cricket batting gloves:

  • Besides offering protection, the gloves also offer comfort. This results from a combination of ventilation, flexibility and feel. The gloves need to provide required flexibility to flex the hand comfortably while playing the game. Adequate padding is added by manufacturers on the back of the hand, thumb and fingers of the glove. This enables each section to move freely and ensure flexibility.
  • Depending upon the material used the glove will offer a comfortable feel. If the batsman is batting for a long time then he will need to feel as comfortable as possible wearing gloves during that period. A range of materials like PVC, cotton, leather, calfskin leather, kangaroo leather, petards leather, etc. are used to make the gloves soft and allow comfortable usage.
  • Another important feature incorporated in the gloves is ventilation. Top range gloves are designed to provide adequate ventilation since hands tend to get sweaty and hot leading to discomfort. The batsman does not have to compromise on the grip in any way if the gloves are ventilated well to maximize flow of air.

At the time of purchasing the gloves, a number of aspects will have to be kept in mind. Make sure, that gloves in highest quality offering superb durability are purchased. Try them on to check comfort levels offered. Maintaining them is easy. All that you need to do is leave them to dry naturally in the open or else, mold could damage the cricket batting gloves.