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TWINLAB Twinlab Shaker,  Assorted  600 ml

TWINLAB Twinlab Shaker, Assorted 600 ml

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      Buying Guide

      Shakers are quintessential accessories for your workout sessions. These not-so-ordinary bottles stir up your protein shake to give to you a smooth, lump-free drink every time.  A simple design- a cylindrical body with a spout is usually what a shaker would look like. However, there is much more available in the market and we are here to guide you with the best possible options.

      Convenience- It Matters

      Blender v/s Shaker

      Stirring a protein powder with a spoon is sometimes very difficult to dissolve. One may use a blender to get rid of nasty lumps, but the downside is that it neither portable nor user-friendly. Why? Because usually many of us just have one blender at home, making it difficult to whip up on the go shakes instantly. Also, one needs to rinse a blender between uses, unless you enjoy interesting flavor mixes. This is where a shaker bottle comes to rescue. They are relatively inexpensive, so you can purchase many, and are completely portable. Another advantage is that they are closed containers, bounded together with usually plastic- a convenient way to manage and make protein shakes.  


      Now-a-days shakers come with a variety of designs, some come or without a blenderball and have a stacker or not. One should be very careful in choosing the right shaker for themselves. However, this totally depends on your goal and comfort level.

      • Stackers are compartments fitted underneath your shaker that can be detached easily. This bowl-like structure helps one to store their amino acids pills, pre- and post-workout tablets or any other fine protein powder without carrying different boxes. 
      • BlenderBall is a stainless steel wire moulded into a ball-like structure that acts like a whisk. This ball offers serious mixing of powders which in return gets dissolved into the liquid of your choice with much ease. Plus, the blenderball can be easily dropped into the shaker, where it whips around the bottle leaving no scope for lumps. It is easy to use; all you need to do is simply add all the ingredients into the bottle, toss in the blenderball, shake and whirl to get smooth and light consistency.
      • Sieves are placed onto the top of the bottle to filter out and leave behind lumps so that you drink the smoothest of shakes. 

      User Guide

      How to choose the best protein shaker?

      1. Big spout: Narrow opening is something to be avoided at all costs, because it will almost certainly result in losing some powder on your kitchen table. A wider opening helps you dollop a scoopful of protein into the bottle without any mess.
      2. Shaker ball: Drop this stainless steel coiled wire ball into the bottle and give it a good shake. Their job is to bounce, whip and whirl- all to give a much smoother shake with a fewer clumps.
      3. Screw lid top: This is crucial. Given that you will be shaking your bottle with much vigor, the last thing you would want is for the lip to fly open mid-shake, leaving you drenched in a half-shaken protein shake.
      4. Firm drinking lid: Look for a shaker with a tight drinking lid that snaps shut. Much like the main lid, you do not want to be soaked in half-shaken protein shake. Also, a tight drinking lid ensures that the insides of your gym bag are clean.
      5. Volume measurement marks: Many manufactures specify the recommended amount of water or other liquid to add to a given amount of powder to make sure your protein shake isn’t too thick or too thin. So, having visible markers (ml/ounces) on the shaker eliminates the need for you to measure or use a separate measuring spoon to make a shake.
      6. Easy to clean: Dismantling all the parts of a shaker can be a tough job, especially when it goes through multiple shakes being made in a day. Go for a simple design so that it is convenient for you to clean. Dishwasher-safe can be an added bonus.
      7. Plastic Body: A plastic BPA-free body makes sure that you get the best of the shake, without any unwanted chemical reaction between the ingredients and the plastic body. Also, BPA plastics are carcinogenic materials.
      8. Size: This is important. Shakers generally come in two sizes, either 400ml or 600ml. Choose wisely, pick a 600ml shaker if you going for a 500ml shake.


      • What should I add first the liquid or the powder?

      Always add liquids first. In this way, you will know how much liquid you are pouring. If you add the protein powder first, it will begin to absorb the liquid, making it tough to get a shake of proper consistency.

      • How should I wash my shaker?

      Soak the used shaker all the way to the brim, immediately with warm water and detergent. Place the lid upside down, sitting inside the brim of the bottle, with the drinking lid open. This will result in a more comprehensive wash, especially in the nooks and crannies of the lid.

      • I am a gym goer, how should I make my shake on the go?

      For a smoother, more homogenous, clump-free shake without any undissolved residue, it is always recommended to add the liquid first. However at the gym, it is ideal for you to carry a shaker with a separate compartment.

      • Where all can I use my shaker?

      Along with preparing your protein shake, a shaker can be used in the kitchen. Yes, you can easily make pancake batter, scrambled eggs, omelettes, salad dressings and gravies. Plus, you can add your favourite ingredient, like peanut butter, apple sauce, yogurt, fruit juice, cinnamon, cocoa powder, or any other to make an instant on the go tasty nutritious smoothie.

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