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Weight Gainer

Weight Gainer Powder

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Talking in simple terms, weight gainers can be referred to a sdietary supplements that are meant to increase your muscle mass and gain a substantial amount of weight. If anyone finds it hard to gain weight, this product can be of utmost importance to them. In addition to that, several bodybuilders, fitness instructors, and gym enthusiasts can also use mass gainers to amplify their performance and bulk up at a good pace.

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Protein for Weight Gain! Best Way To Bulk Up

A weight gainer supplement is an oral nutritional formula used to support weight gain. Gaining muscle, maintaining weight, or simply adding healthy calories is possible with a weight gainer protein powder. Weight gainers are high in quality carbs, protein, and healthy fats. Weight-gaining supplements work by increasing your calorie intake. Weight gain protein are best for underweight people who want to gain muscle and fat.

Here are some reasons why you should go for a weight gain product.

  • Weight gainer supplements are a safe, easy and affordable solution for muscle bulking and clean weight gain.
  • There are countless numbers of brands offering weight gainer/ herbal weight gainer with different types and ratios of ingredients. Almost everyone claims to provide the best weight gainer shakes in the market.
  • It is obvious for anyone to get confused and make wrong choices. If you do not have even a single clue about choosing the right protein with weight gainer as per requirements, you need not to worry.

Difference Between Weight Gainer & Mass Gainer

Weight gainers are dietary supplements that are consumed orally. In essence, they aid in weight gain. They include a lot of carbohydrates, which promote weight gain and fat storage. Simple carbohydrates, moderate fats, little to no protein, and a few minerals and vitamins make up weight gainers. Weight gainers have between 650 and 1000 kcal per serving, though this can vary depending on the brand.

Although mass gainers are also oral supplements, they concentrate on helping a person gain muscle. Their composition differs greatly from weight gainers'. They are low in fat, moderate in carbohydrates, and high in protein. Because they are high in protein, they aid in muscle growth.  400–1000 kcal are included in one serving of muscle gainers, though this can vary depending on the brand.

Protein levels are higher in mass gainers than in weight gainers. The reason for this is that weight gainers proteins simply serve to replenish the body's stored carbs, which leads to enhanced performance. Carbohydrate content is higher in weight gainers. More carbohydrates promote weight gain.

Health Benefits of Consuming Weight Gainer Protein

Weight gain supplements are used by individuals who find it hard to do so naturally. In addition to healthy weight gain, these supplements have multiple health benefits:

  • Healthy muscle gain: Weight gainers help you consume enough calories required by you to gain healthy weight. These protein for weight gain are perfect for those who struggle to gain weight and get the required bulk..
  • Improvement in digestion: A good quality weight gain powder has digestive enzymes present as an ingredient. These help you absorb the necessary nutrients from the foods consumed, leading to a healthy weight gain.
  • Muscle strength enhancement and recovery: Consumption of protein-rich weight gain supplements or protein with weight gainer provides all amino acids essential for your body. These amino acids help you with the speedy recovery of muscles after an intense workout session. They also facilitate synthesis of new muscles.
  • Overall growth boost: You can opt for a protein for weight gain with suitable ingredients that support your overall health. The product provides a blend of vitamins and minerals important for the optimum nourishment of your body. Refer to the nutritional information on the product label to make an informed decision.
  • Facilitation of optimum energy: Weight gain protein powder have high amounts of carbohydrates, and some may even have good amounts of proteins. These are macronutrients that fuel our body with energy to carry out daily activities.

Composition of Weight Gain Powder

Mainly weight gainer powder contains:

  • carbohydrates,
  • proteins,
  • fats
  • vitamins

With the composition of  ingredients, weight gainers provide a large amount of calories from a range of sources including proteins, fats and carbohydrates.

Top Brands For Weight Gainers

Some of the top brands that are available in the market today for weight gainers have been discussed below.

  • MuscleBlaze

The weight gainer supplements from this brand are available in a variety of quantity and flavors that help with the best weight gain results. The products launched go through a variety of safety and security checks before being made available to the customers. The weight gainers can generally be consumed with milk when opting for the weight gain strategies.

  • GNC

The weight gainers from GNC are highly trusted and exhibit good results. These are among the popular brands that are highly reliable and offer the best of [roducts to their consumers. Free of any chemicals or preservatives, their weight gainers have to be among the best.

  • Proathlix

Proathlix provides you with some of the best weight gainers that help build strength and immunity in the body. It is an ideal choice for those looking to gain weight effectively.

  • MB Fuel One

The weight gainer from this brand provides you with the required amount of calories and protein. The healthy doses of protein help with better and improved body functioning.

  • Dr. Morepen

Being one of the premium brands for weight gainers, it helps you complete your daily calorie intake and allows for muscle mass gain naturally. The products help with energy boosting as well.

Some Of The Top Weight Gainers Supplements

As there are many Protein for weight gainer available in the market. So, chances of getting deceived from these supplements may increase. To avoid the consequences, here is the list of leading weight gainers available in the market.

  • MB Fuel One Weight Gainer

The MB Fuel One Weight Gainer offers excellent nutrition with the goodness of 27 vitamins and minerals, dietary fibers as well as digestive enzymes. It is an excellent option if your goal is to increase muscle mass, boost muscle growth and recovery, and meet your body’s requirements of calories. It is formulated using a combination of ingredients that can help you attain your weight gain goals in a healthy manner.

The nutritional value offered by MB Fuel One Weight Gainer is as follows:

Nutrients Per Serving Value
Energy 380kcal
Protein 10g
Carbohydrates 80g
Total fat 1.3g
Added Enzymes 94mg
  • GNC Pro Performance Weight Gainer

This GNC Pro Performance Weight Gainer Powder offers the goodness of low fat whey protein concentrate powder that has added vitamins, minerals and enzymes. It is a high calorie weight gain formula that provides good amounts of BCAAs to help reduce muscle breakdown.

The nutritional value offered by GNC Pro Performance Weight Gainer, Dark Chocolate is as follows:

Nutrients Per Serving Value
Energy 1872kcal
Protein 50g
Carbohydrates 400g
Total fat 8g
Dietry Fibre 5g
  • MuscleBlaze Weight Gainer with Added Digezyme

The Muscleblaze weight gainer with added digezyme offers good amounts of protein, aids easy digestion, and provides you with the essential vitamins and minerals. The high quality calories can fuel your weight gain process and provide sufficient energy for muscle growth and recovery. The proprietary enzyme blend helps enhance the digestion and absorption of important nutrients.
The nutritional value offered by MuscleBlaze Weight Gainer with Added Digezyme, Chocolate is as follows:

Nutrients Per Serving Value
Energy 387kcal
Protein 12g
Carbohydrates 72g
Total fat 1.5g
Dietry Fibre 6g
  • Nakpro Gold Weight Gainer

The Nakpro Nutrition Gold Weight Gainer comes with no added sugar, is created using premium ingredients, and offers the goodness of essential vitamins and minerals..

The nutritional value offered by Nakpro Gold Weight Gainer, Chocolate is as follows:

Nutrients Per Serving Value
Energy 355kcal
Protein 13.4g
Carbohydrates 80g
Total fat 0.8g
  • MuscleBlaze Super Gainer XXL, Chocolate

The product is specially crafted for individuals who are hardcore fitness enthusiasts and work hard for a sculpted physique. The product offers an advanced formula of fat and slow release proteins that can help with adequate energy. The micronutrients help enhance immune function and regulate enzymes in the body.

The nutritional value offered by MuscleBlaze Super Gainer XXL, Chocolate is as follows:

Nutrients Per Serving Value
Energy 375kcal
Protein 15g
Carbohydrates 75g
Total fat


  • AS-IT-IS Nutrition ATOM Weight Gainer, Double Rich Chocolate

AS-IT-IS Nutrition ATOM Weight Gainer in Double Rich Chocolate offers a vegetarian, filler-free formula with 284Kcal, 12g protein, and 60g carbs per serving. Enhanced with a power blend of BCAA, L-Glutamine, Tribulus, and Ashwagandha, it ensures optimal muscle growth. Its exotic chocolate taste is complemented by enzymes for easy digestion.

Nutrients Per Serving Value
Energy 315kcal
Protein 12g
Carbohydrates 60g
Total fat 3g
  • MuscleXP Weight Gainer (1kg Each) Belgium Chocolate

MuscleXP Weight Gainer, with a delightful Belgian Chocolate flavor, offers 11g of protein and 52g of carbohydrates per serving. Packed with 25 essential vitamins, minerals, and DigeZyme® digestive enzymes, it ensures not only weight gain but also efficient nutrient absorption. The 4g of healthy fats in each serving provides the energy boost needed for weight-training workouts.

Nutrients Per Serving Value
Energy 291kcal
Protein 11g
Carbohydrates 52g
Total fat 4g
  • Wild Buck Hyper Weight Gainer, 1 kg (2.2 lb), Banana Milkshake

Wild Buck's Banana Milkshake flavored Hyper Weight Gainer is meticulously designed for those eyeing muscle mass with its high-calorie formula. Combining quality muscle-building protein and carbohydrates, it's the perfect post-workout shake that promises rapid weight gain and serves as a potent body-building food, further enriched with glutamine.

Nutrients Per Serving Value
Energy 151kcal
Protein 10g
Carbohydrates 30g
Total fat 0.6g
  • XLR8 Rapid Gains, 1 kg (2.2 lb), Chocolate

XLR8 Rapid Gains is a chocolate-flavored weight gainer characterized by its unique triple protein blend, primarily from whey protein. Delivering a hefty 708 kcal per 2 servings, it not only accelerates the muscle and weight gaining process but also boosts immunity with 11 vital vitamins. Its spectrum of fast, intermediate, and slow digestive proteins ensures rapid muscle recovery and mass gain.

Nutrients Per Serving Value
Energy 354kcal
Protein 12g
Carbohydrates 72g
Total fat 2g

Precautions For Consumption  Of Weight Gainers

When selecting a supplement, a person should consider all the factors. Supplements are quite important for someone who wants to have the body of their dreams. Gainers facilitate achieving your fitness objectives, but they are only beneficial when used in accordance with your body's needs.

Simply mix the appropriate quantity of servings with water, milk, or any other preferred beverage to consume a weight gainer. It is critical to follow the label's guidelines for the suggested serving amount, as ingesting too much can result in undesirable weight gain.

It is critical to select a high-quality weight gain powder, adhere to the specified dosage, and combine it with a healthy diet and exercise routine.

What is the best way to Consume Weight Gainer Protein?

The serving size depends upon the brand of weight gainer powder that you choose.

  • With almost all Top Weight Gainer Brands, the serving size is 2-3 scoops. You can consume up to 3 times each day depending upon your goals.
  • You can mix one serving with cold water or skimmed milk.
  • For best results, it is better that you consume your Protein for weight gainer with milk.
  • Consume weight gainer first thing in the morning, in between your meals or just before you go to bed to optimise the results

Why Choose HealthKart for Purchasing the Weight Gain Products?

HealthKart is the best place if you are looking for the best weight gainer for skinny guys in India. Whether you need quality weight gainer for women and men or weight gainer pills, the best place to buy weight gainer online is HealthKart.
Here you can choose from a wide range of top brands such as ON weight gainer, Impact weight gainer, GNC Weight gainer, Myprotein, Endura Mass Weight Gainer , Six Pack Nutrition Bulk, Sinew Nutrition (Weight Gainer pro with Digestive Enzymes), Olympia and BigMuscles that offer a vast variety of weight gain product.
There is also the option of buying several other products such as whey protein, whey protein isolates, soy protein supplements, creatine, and a lot more to support your bodybuilding requirements.
With Top weight gainer products such as MuscleBlaze Weight Gainer with Added Digezyme, you can also enjoy low prices and exclusive discounts.

Frequently Asked Questions Related to Weight gain Powder

Q1. Who Needs Additional Supplements With Weight Gainer?

Ans:It is necessary for some people to take additional supplements along with protein shakes or casein protein. Reason is their high metabolism which prevents them from gaining weight faster. Weight gain powder for women and men not only helps meet fitness goals faster but may also be necessary for some people to reach a healthy weight.

Q2: Does weight gainer work for skinny guys?

Ans:A weight gainer can help skinny guys boost their calorie count to ensure they consume more calories than they are burning. weight gainers are most effective when consumed between meals and immediately following strenuous exercise.

Q3: Why to Choose Weight Gain Supplements?

Ans:it may help you in gaining weight,It is formulated based on a balanced ratio of carbohydrates and fats to make you look lean while helping in the muscle-bulking process.


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