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Condoms, India

Condoms are used to protect a man against Sexually Transmitted Diseases as well as from unwanted pregnancies. First created as a way of contraception, condoms soared to popularity because they are one of the few methods of contraception that also protect against STDs and HIV Aids. Condoms are made with both polyurethane and latex, though latex condoms are much more popular and more vastly used around the globe. The polyurethane condoms are rarer, and used by those who are allergic to latex.

When choosing the right condom, some things need to be taken in to consideration:

  • Buy a condom based on personal requirements. Today you can find condoms in a variety of flavours, to add spice to your sex life. These condoms are ideal for oral sex as well, since doctors believe that even oral ingestion of sexual fluids is not safe if you have several sexual partners.
  • Dotted and ribbed condoms offer extra stimulation for both partners. They heighten the pleasure during sex, hence serving two functions – Protection against STDs and pregnancies and also enhancing the sexual experience. These condoms are great for love making.
  • For those who have erectile issues, long lasting condoms are a greater option. They are thicker, and hence maintain erection for longer so both partners can be satisfied by the sexual experience.
  • Some condoms come with added spermicides to kill sperm and further prevent pregnancies. Some condoms also come with lubrication to facilitate penetration, and these are best for those who feel pain during sex or have a partner who needs lubrication.
  • Also, condoms are available in many sizes too. Though usually condoms are available in a free size because latex can stretch both length wise and width wise, some companies do of offer bigger sizes in condoms.

All condoms can be comfortably used with water based lubricants. These lubricants can facilitate penetration and they don’t adversely affect the latex, unlike petroleum based lubricants that can attack latex and break the condom.

The biggest thing to consider when using a condom is the safety. Without that, the whole point of using a method of contraception is lost. Choose a condom from a reputed brand, because these condoms have been put through rigorous testing and don’t break during intercourse. It also helps to always check the manufacturing date of the condoms and not buy condoms packed more than a year ago. Any lubrication or spermicide used on these condoms can expire, making it ineffective or worse, causing infections.

Remember that condoms are affected both by light and heat, hence storing them properly is important. Do not buy in bulk if your sex life is sporadic, they have an expiration date as well. Keep condoms stored safely away from the reach of children in a cool, dry place. Men who keep a condom in their wallet must change the condom often, because these condoms are exposed to heat and deteriorate quickly. If a condom feels sticky or too dry, it is best not to use it as the packaging could have been damaged, exposing the latex to germs that can cause infection too.