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Sexual Accessories

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Sexual Accessories

There was a time when sexual accessories were a taboo in India and these things were unheard of. However, today the country has progressed and you will find many sexual accessories like flavoured lubes and lubricants available openly at chemists and online stores.

Today, many people realise that sexual accessories have many benefits, some of which are:

  • A better sexual experience
  • Breaking a monotonous routine and enhancing the sexual act, so that partners can enjoy intimacy and not seek new partners for some thrill and variety
  • Ability to achieve orgasm and correct smaller sexual issues
  • Better stimulation for both partners, which heightens the sexual experience and makes it more satisfactory
  • Allows partners to be creative in bedroom and live out their sexual fantasies

Sexual accessories like lubricants, toys and stimulators are a great way to add variety and pleasure in sexual acts. The use of lubricants can make sex both more pleasurable and less uncomfortable for both partners. It adds an erotic element to love making, and makes sex comfortable for many women who have dryness sin the vagina which makes sex painful. As women age, their natural lubrication dries up and they need a little help. Instead of coping with pain during sex, which is never healthy for the sexual relationship, the answer is lubricants that make sex enjoyable and painless once again. Same is true for women who smoke and suffer from dryness, or because the dryness is caused by infections.

However it is a must to choose the right sexual accessories specially lubes because not all lubricants are made equal. Some are created to make masturbation easier, while others are created to facilitate penetration. To have a clearer understanding of which lube is right for you and your partner, reading up on sexual accessories now available in India is a must. There are 3 main kinds of sexual lubricants available. These are water based, petroleum based and silicone based.

  • Water based lubes are most versatile and are safe to be used with condoms. They are a popular choice, and most brands that manufacture condoms now also offer these sexual accessories. They don’t affect the condom in any way and can even be sued with sex toys. They cause no stains, don’t usually cause irritation and can even be ingested with any adverse effects.
  • Petroleum based lubricants like Vaseline are not safe to be used with condoms. Oils and petroleum jelly can destroy latex and can result in a broken condom, which means you are at risk to both STDs and unwanted pregnancies. These are ideal to be used during masturbation, though they need to be washed off thoroughly as they can stain clothing.
  • Silicone based lubricants are much like water based lubricants, but they are also water proof so can be used for an erotic bath and they offer a longer lasting lubrication. They are safe to be used with condoms and are becoming more popular because they offer the best smooth, silky feel.