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Arjuna Products

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The benefits of arjuna herb include supporting the body's ability to maintain healthy lipid levels, which in turn promotes healthy blood flow. It has several therapeutic qualities, including antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant. Arjuna tree helps lower high blood pressure and possesses potent anti-hypertensive properties. In the present scenario, it is increasingly being used in the form of arjuna powder. Several forms of supplement are available today in the market to achieve the best results.

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Arjuna Products: Tablets For Heart, Cholesterol and Blood Pressure

Terminalia Arjuna, the Latin name for this reddish bark of a plant that belongs to the Combretaceae family, is widely prized for its therapeutic qualities. Many bioactive substances found in arjuna, including cardenolide, tannins, flavonoids, triterpenoid saponins, ellagic acid, and gallic acid, have remarkable medicinal qualities.

What Are Its Benefits?

The following benefits can be observed while consuming arjuna supplements.

Deals With Inflammation

Arjuna's chief anti-inflammatory and antioxidant qualities protect the body from the damaging effects of pollutants. Arjuna is a useful herb that helps to slow down the ageing process. Moreover, it can improve general well-being and health and combat chronic inflammation.

Improved Cardiac Health

Arjuna is a wonderful herb that protects the heart and strengthens it. It has the ability to fortify the heart muscles, enhance coronary artery blood flow, and shield the heart muscle from ischemia injury. The most popular heart tonic is an Arjuna decoction made with milk.

Who Can Use It?

The Arjuna extract capsules can be consumed by people who face high blood pressure issues as it has hypotensive effects. Further, it is also helpful in lowering the lipid levels that can help manage high cholesterol issues.

If anyone experiencing respiratory health issues like asthma, arjuna powder can prove to be truly beneficial. In addition to that, gut health problems are also addressed well by the herb.

How Often  Can It Be Used?

A typical dosage for Arjuna capsules is generally 500–1000 mg split into two doses each day. Also, what is important to note is that different body types respond differently to the arjuna supplements.

Being an herbal supplement, arjuna tablets do not have any major side effects associated with it but still should be taken after consultation with the doctor. The use of any supplement must not interfere with your medical conditions if any.

Precautions Before Consuming Arjuna Supplements

Here are a few precautions that should be followed while consuming arjuna tablets.

  • Arjuna capsules taken orally may be safe to use for up to three months. It should not, however, be used without guidance from doctors as it may have an adverse effect on your heart.
  • Anticoagulants and Arjuna may interact with one another. Therefore, it is typically advised that if you use Arjuna together with anticoagulant medication, you should speak with your doctor.
  • Arjuna has the potential to lower your blood sugar levels. Therefore, it's typically advised that if you take arjuna supplements together with anti-diabetic medications, you routinely check your blood sugar levels.

Best Selling Arjuna Extract Capsules Brands in India

Here is a list of best-selling ashwagandha extract capsules.

Natures Velvet

It is one of the well-known brands that provides you with the best of arjuna supplements and aids in overall body recovery. The brand offers safe and authentic products.

Health Veda

The wide range and supreme quality of arjuna tablets from this brand have helped it create a place in the hearts of people. The products are sourced from reliable procedures and boost immunity levels of the body.

Where to Buy Arjuna Supplements

HealthKart is among the best options for you to make a purchase as we provide you with many options and associated information to select from. Be it the best arjuna powder, tablets or any other herbal supplement, we have everything brought to you at your convenience. You can easily look out for the products that well suit your needs.

Why choose HealthKart?

The arjuna capsules available on HealthKart are authorised and everything available is backed up by expert medical supervision. We are here to resolve your queries or even arrange calls with the consultant to help resolve your doubts and queries. We try to help you make a wise and best choice!

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