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MuscleBlaze Milk Thistle

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Muscleblaze Milk Thistle

The faster your body is able to restore itself, the quicker are the results of your workout routine. Quick recovery also means that muscle loss is prevented, allowing you to gain more and gain faster. One of the most powerful restorative agents that you can include in your diet is milk thistle.

What is Milk Thistle?

Milk thistle is a herb that is known for it's potent anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. It goes by the scientific name Silybum marianum. It is found in parts of the world where the weather is warmer. It is most abundantly found in California. This herb is consumed as a supplement or as an extract.
Milk Thistle Benefits have been known for 1000s of years. It was first described by Dioscorides as a healing herb, as early as 40 AD. The reason for the several milk thistle uses is that it flushes out toxins from the body, preventing several diseases such as diabetes, cancer, high cholesterol, gallbladder issues, and even kidney stones.
It is especially necessary for those who are recovering from any damage to the liver caused by excessive alcohol consumption. It helps generate liver cells, making the organ healthier.
For bodybuilders and athletes, this milk colored herb is especially useful after they have completed a cycle of steroids or heavy supplementation. It is best to consume this supplement after the cycle in order to rest your liver. This helps keep your body in shape and restores any damage that may be caused in the body in case of incorrect supplementation.
Since liver health is improved, milk thistle benefits weight loss as well. This is because the fats in the body are synthesized better when you consume this supplement.

MuscleBlaze Milk Thistle Supplements

MuscleBlaze is considered the best milk thistle supplement for various reasons. You can opt for MuscleBlaze Milk Thistle or MuscleBlaze Liv Support with Milk Thistle.

MuscleBlaze Milk Thistle

  • With each serving, you have a rich dose of standardized extracts of Milk Thistle.
  • The detoxifying effects of these extracts ensure that you have clear and healthy skin.
  • The Each Capsule also contains 0.03 grams of protein and is completely sugar and fat-free.

MuscleBlaze Liv Support with Milk Thistle

  • The Each capsule contains 250mg of Milk Thistle Extract, which helps in better liver health.
  • It contains 50mg of Bringraj in each capsule, making the liver function faster.
  • 50mg of Bhumyamlaki in each capsule rejuvenates the liver.
  • 30 grams of Sharpunka extracts helps recover from any liver disorder.


Each bottle of either supplement contains 60 milk thistle tables that are unflavored.

How to consume:

It is best to consume only one tablet each day. When you include milk thistle tablets in your diet, make sure that you consult your doctor. Consuming more than the recommended milk thistle dosage can lead to issues like bloating, diarrhea, nausea, and even an upset stomach.

Where to Buy

The most convenient option is to buy Muscleblaze milk thistle online at the most discounted prices. You also have the option of choosing combo packages that help you save a lot more.
You can compare several products and choose from a wide range of products available on www.healthkart.com to find the perfect support that you need to reach your fitness goals.