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Electrolytes: Replenish Minerals in Your Body

Electrolytes are minerals (potassium, phosphate, calcium, sodium, magnesium, chloride, bicarbonate) in the body which are required for various bodily functions. When these minerals are dissolved in the water, they carry electric charge which is vital for specific bodily processes such as sweat, blood, and urine. Electrolytes fight against electrolyte imbalance which is caused by many reasons such as poor diet, cancer treatment, imbalance of pH level in body, prolonged diarrhea or vomit, severe dehydration, bulimia, and some drugs like diuretics.

Benefits of Electrolytes:

  • Balances body pH level which is acid and base level in body
  • Remove wastes from cells
  • Makes sure that your heart, muscles, brain, and nerves are working in a proper way
  • Hydrates body
  • Improves internal environment balance
  • Fights against body imbalance like confusion, convulsions, cramps, muscle weakness, irregular heart beat, numbness, tingling, headaches, fatigue
  • Regulates blood pressure
  • Improves excessive tiredness
  • Regulates electrolyte imbalance which reduces twitching, bone disorder, nausea, stomach pain, thirst, dry mouth or throat, loss of appetite, coma, vomiting, stomach pain, lethargy, nausea, frequent urination

Let's Have a Look for the Best Electrolyte Supplement Brands.


MuscleBlaze electrolyte is a rich source of essential minerals such as sodium, magnesium, phosphorus, chloride, and potassium which help you to stay energized while doing your intense workouts. Due to heavy duty workouts, athletes lose electrolytes and fluids via sweat this result reduced energy, fatigue, and reduced performance, MuscleBlaze electrolyte helps to restore lost electrolytes and supports faster muscle recovery. Along with electrolytes, this one of the best electrolyte supplements contain 250mg BCAAs and 250mg glutamine that avoids muscle fatigue and supports muscle development respectively. It also contains 15g dextrose which can absorb glucose easily and results enough energy to sustain while your rigorous training.

Fast & UP

Fast & Up electrolyte has vitamin C, D3, and calcium that helps in reducing muscle soreness and fatigue. Vitamin D in it aids to absorb calcium in the bones. Along with these vitamins, it is also a rich source of carbohydrates, energy, fats,antioxidants, and electrolytes which replenish minerals. It keeps you hydrated which makes it one of the best electrolyte drinks.

Fast & Up Intra electrolyte contains high quality of caffeine and maltodextrin which enhance concentration & mind alertness and works as instant energy booster. It uses liquidget technology which facilitates quick and effective get absorption to avoid bloating due to disturbances in the digestive system. This is also the best electrolyte drink for dehydration which replenishes water in your body while your daily physical activities and intense workout training.  


XLR8 electrolyte is unique isotonic rehydration formula which delivers essential electrolytes along with complex and simple carbohydrates. Glutamine in this best electrolyte powder, provides an excellent anti-catabolic activity which helps in faster muscle recovery. 


Aminoz electrolyte is one of the best electrolyte tablets which come with vitamins, taurine, magnesium, pyridoxine, carbohydrates, and electrolytes that promotes hydration, immunity, and faster recovery. It is one of the best rehydration drinks that is fortified with vitamin B6, B12 which helps you to avail sustained energy and metabolism.

Bigg Nutrition

Bigg Nutrition electrolyte is a unique formula which is enriched with BCAAs and Glutamine, electrolytes like potassium chloride, sodium chloride that restores lost energy and electrolytes instantly.

Dosages and Direction to Consume:

The best time to consume electrolyte is at the mid of intense workout or physical activity for instant energy. Add 2 heaping tablespoons of it with 500ml of cold water. Shake it properly and drink it to remain active and full of energy during workouts, physical activity or sports.

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