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Kobo Sports

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Find All Your Gym Essentials in the Exclusive Kobo Sports Range

Accessorizing right makes your training even more effective. When you are comfortable while working out, you are able to focus completely on the exercise that you are performing, thus getting the most of it. Whether it is the right attire or accessories like gym gloves, you need to make sure that you invest in the right brand that creates product to suit various needs that you may have when training. When you choose a brand like Kobo, you get products that last long and are also extremely useful.

Kobo Sports - The Brand

Kobo Sports is a brand under Pan International which is one of the best fitness equipment manufacturers globally. With Kobo, you have the advantage of close to 50 years in the world of fitness equipment and sports goods. The company is extremely passionate about providing excellence with each product that it manufactures and releases into the market.

The products available with Kobo India are subject to the most rigorous quality control measures to ensure that they are ergonomic and also last long. They have the widest product range which includes large Kobo Gym Equipment such as treadmills and also daily essentials like gym gloves and kobo wrist bands that you will find in almost every athletes gym bag.

Kobo Fitness is best known for delivering superior quality with all their products and also providing state of the art customer service to address all the queries and grievances that buyers may have. Every product keeps the requirements of the customer in mind to give you affordable prices along with the best quality. The mission of the company is to focus on innovating in terms of design and workmanship while giving maximum priority to quality. These products are designed keeping current requirements as well as future demands in mind to keep them updated with the changing trends of the fitness industry.

One of the biggest advantages with Kobo Home Gym and fitness equipment is that every product is manufactured by them in-house. This means that there are no middlemen involved in the process, leading to lots of cuts in terms of the cost. These savings are transferred directly to the customers. As a result, this is one of the most affordable brands of gym essentials in the market today.

Because they are able to control the manufacturing process completely, Kobo Sports is also able to offer exclusive discounts to gyms, health clubs, trainers and even stores. You have the widest range of products with Kobo including cardio equipment, fitness accessories and strength training equipment.

Essential Gym Equipment and Accessories

Be it a home gym or a commercial gym, there are certain equipment and accessories that you need in order to facilitate even basic training. Here is a list of that most fitness enthusiasts will agree are the essentials:

  • An Adjustable Bench: For anyone who loves to lift, an adjustable bench is the most important gym equipment. A bench that allows you to adjust up to three different positions helps you perform a maximum variety of compound exercises. A good quality bench also comes with leg support to help you lift heavier.
  • Resistance Bands: You can workout anywhere and anytime when you have a good quality resistance band. These bands offer the necessary resistance without putting too much stress on your joints. They are perfect for performing rehabilitation exercises and can also help improve muscle tone by allowing you to perform a series of full-range movements easily.
  • A Water Bottle: A sturdy, spill-proof water bottle is a must when you are training. You need to stay hydrate when you are training for long hours to ensure that you do not have muscle cramps or other health issues. A good quality steel bottle is the best as it keeps the water colder for longer.
  • Shaker bottles: Everyone knows the value of post workout nutrition. Shaker bottles make it easier for you to prepare your post workout protein drink. They make sure that there are no lumps that may make the drink less palatable. A spill proof, BPA free shaker bottle is the simplest option for you.
  • Pushup bars: Make your push-ups deeper to develop more strength and muscle tone using these pushup bars. They come with foam padding that makes it easier for you to support your weight when you are performing your push up.
  • Foam Rollers: The pesky knots in your muscles due to long hours of training eventually lead to stiffness. This means that your range of movement is compromised. Sometimes, this stiffness can also be very painful. To relieve your muscles a good foam roller is a must. It also helps you loosen your muscles to improve flexibility in order to prevent injuries and enjoy better range of motion.
  • Ab Trainers: From ab training mats to mechanical ab trainers, you have a host of different equipment to help you isolate your abdominal muscles and train them. This is just what you need when you are looking for those washboard abs and extreme core strength. The best part is that these ab trainers are portable and allow you to get a good workout anytime you want.
  • Workout Mats: During floor exercises, using good quality fitness mats gives you the cushioning and shock absorption that you need. They are also anti-skid to ensure that you do not have any accidents when you are working out.
  • Gym Gloves: Get better grip and cushioning with specially designed gym gloves. These gloves are made from premium construction material that gives you solid grip and also prevents any abrasion of your skin when you are lifting heavy weights. They also make it easier for you to perform more repetitions.
  • Joint Support Braces: Be it prevention of any injury or management of a current injury, most athletes rely on joint support accessories such as wrist supports. They work by effectively immobilizing a joint to keep it protected when you are performing certain movements. They are especially effective when you are working through an existing injury.
  • Weight Lifting belts: As you increase training resistance, especially with power moves like a clean and jerk, you need to make sure that your back is fully supported. This is why you need a weight lifting belt that works by providing better core stability so that you do not get injured when you are working with extremely heavy weights. 
  • A Towel: While this may seem like a misc equipment or accessory, it is actually very important. When you are getting a towel for the gym, make sure that it is highly absorbent. This is not only important to maintain hygiene but is also useful in preventing issues like skin rashes. 
  • A Gym Bag: Anyone who works out on a regular basis must invest in a good quality gym bag. This helps you carry all your accessories with you all the time. Be it diet essentials or even your water bottle and towel, carrying it in a gym bag is most convenient.

Top Kobo Sports Equipment and Accessories

Over the years, Kobo has developed several products that have facilitated the training regime of their customers and also made it easier. Here is a list of some of the most recommended Kobo Sports Products that you may consider investing in:

KOBO Weight Lifting Gloves

  • You have a variety of Kobo Gym Gloves depending upon the type of training that you are looking at.
  • There are designs that are specific to men and women along with unisex options that come in different sizes.
  • When it comes to Kobo Weight Lifting Gloves, you have a full leather front palm. This not only helps keep your hands cushioned when you are training but also helps you get the best possible grip on dumbells, barbells or other equipment that you may be using.
  • These gloves also come with a back mesh to give you maximum ventilation and help sweat evaporate faster.

KOBO Back Support Weight Lifting Gym Belt

  • This gym belt is designed for advanced level bodybuilders and athletes to give them maximum support during training.
  • The Kobo Back Support Weight Lifting Gym Belt is made with 100% latex and durable nylon fabric that gives you great durability.
  • The nylon thread stitching makes sure that these belts last longer even with regular rough use.
  • A grade webbing gives you maximum grip,
  • You also have a 7mm lumbar support made from neoprene foam.
  • The 6 inch back support is ideal for all body types.

KOBO Hand Grips Gym Gloves

  • These gloves can be used by both men and women.
  • The special design of Kobo Hand Grips Gym Gloves makes it easier for you to wear and remove these gloves when you are training.
  • They also use special construction technology that improves air flow to give you maximum ventilation when you are training.
  • The added gel padding on the palm gives you great cushioning, allowing you to lift heavy weights easily
  • The construction material used is Amara Synthetic leather which is long lasting and durable.
  • A special Cured Finger Design fits the natural shape of your hand, making these gloves very comfortable.

KOBO Foam Padded Weight Lifting Belt

  • This belt is perfectly suited for power lifting because it provides a 4 inch foam padding to give you maximum shock absorption.
  • You have a double stitched edge that is long lasting.
  • To make it easier for you to adjust, you also have a buckle fastener and riveted underpinning.
  • The special contoured design of Kobo Foam Padded Weight Lifting belt gives you both abdominal support and back support with one product.

KOBO Weight Lifting Fitness Gym Gloves

KOBO Ab King Revoflex Xtreme

  • The Kobo Ab King Revoflex Xtreme is the ideal machine for those who wish to build a stronger and more defined core.
  • You can perform up to 40 different exercises with this easy and portable equipment.
  • This machine comes with wheel handles attached to elastic bands that help you perform ab roller exercises very easily.
  • It is made from high grade plastic and rubber that makes it extremely light and portable.
  • You can change up to 6 levels of training based on whether you are at an advanced or beginner level. This also helps you challenge yourself and improve steadily.

KOBO NBR Athletic Yoga Mat

  • This 14mm workout mat gives you the perfect thickness to keep your body cushioned when you are training.
  • It is completely non slip to make sure that you do not have to worry about any injuries when you are training.
  • The Kobo NBR Athletic Yoga Mat is ideal for yoga, physiotherapy, pilates and a variety of other exercises.
  • It comes with a carrying strap that lets you take it with you wherever you go.
  • The special anti-tear construction of this mat makes it robust and perfect for daily use as well.

KOBO Neoprene Elbow Support

  • KOBO Neoprene Elbow Support comes with a complete neoprene body that is free from any latex.
  • You have the advantage of thermal and compression therapy to keep your soft tissues protected when you are training.
  • Like Kobo Knee Support, this product is also designed anatomically and is perfectly contoured to give you the perfect fit and all round support.
  • It fits the left and right elbow perfectly.
  • This is a great product to use in order to prevent any injuries caused by a twist or jerk. It also helps prevent swelling and reduces pain from existing injuries.

Where to Buy

For authentic Kobo products, the best purchasing option is HealthKart. Every product that you get on HealthKart is subject to strict quality standards to ensure that you do not have to worry about fakes. Read in detail about the features of each product to understand where you are investing your money. You can also compare multiple brands before narrowing down on one that suits you the best.

For the best prices on all brands, HealthKart offers special deals and discounts. You also have the convenience of easy payment option and doorstep delivery when you buy online on HealthKart.

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