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Change your unhealthy munching habits with Yogabars, one of the best solutions for your protein bars, cereals, snack, and energy bars. Yogabar offers a variety of bars including Yogabars Wholegrain Breakfast Muesli, protein variety box, Multigrain energy bars, Yogabars Protein bars, and many more. All these bars are rich in protein and fibers that help your body to absorb the nutrients fast. So that your body will get the goodness of nutrients that it deserves. Nutrients should be the primary purpose of snacking instead of taste to be healthy. To break the unhealthy loop of snacking, these bars can be helpful that keep you satiate for longer periods of time. Easy way to get your daily nutrients that you can carry while travelling. Let the Yoga bar make a place in your bag or pantry, and stay ahead of your peers or competitors for achieving your fitness goals.

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YogaBars: Organic and Natural Nutrition Bars at Their Best

A good nutrition bar like YogaBars is the best way to get all your vital nutrients on the go. These bars include proteins, carbs, vitamins, minerals and other nutrients that you need everyday to stay healthy and to keep up with your physical activities. YogaBars India provides you with different kinds of nutrition bars based on your requirements, be it finding the perfect workout support or getting that instant boost of energy when you need it.

YogaBars - The Brand

YogaBars is a unique nutritional bar that was developed in the year 2014 by two sisters, Anindita and Suhasini Samapt. Both sisters who lived in New York when they developed the concept usually relied on snack bars and energy bars to get them through the day, particularly when they were travelling long distances. These bars were a rage in the United States and were certainly a healthy alternative to other snacks that one usually relies on.

The lack of healthy and wholesome foods in India urged them to start their business here. This led to extensive research in places like Whole Foods where they found several healthy food alternatives. They discovered that these foods could also be made in India using the local produce.

The idea was to create protein bars and other such products that were not only healthy but great in taste as well. After working with over 50 bakers over a period of two years, the different recipes were created for Yoga Bar Nutrition. Then, after finding a clean space and the right equipment, they began to manufacture these products. Today, YogaBars is one of the favorites among individuals who live a fit and active lifestyle.

How is YogaBars Different?

There are several contenders in the nutrition and workout bar industry today. This includes companies based in India as well as other countries across the globe. But the clear vision of providing natural protein bars in India with wholesome ingredients has set them apart from the rest. There are several features that are unique to YogaBars as mentioned below:

  • These products are 100% Natural: The idea behind making YogaBars was to provide a nutritional bar that is 100% Natural. These bars and fortified cereals do not contain any added preservatives, artificial flavors, corn syrup that is high in fructose, artificial colors, chemicals or hydrogenated oils. They are made from high quality ingredients that are grown in different parts of India, giving you a natural and indigenous nutrition bar that is extremely safe and reliable.
  • They are among the best tasting nutrition bars: Even in the initial stages, a lot of time was dedicated to making sure that these nutrition bars were made using unique recipes that made it possible to include local produce. The brand continues to experiment with flavors to give you a wide range of nutritional bars that are extremely tasty in addition to being very beneficial to your health.
  • These products are extremely affordable: Another feature that sets this brand apart is the affordability. This makes it much easier to ensure that you include a good quality protein bar or snack bar in your diet to get the nutritional supply that you need.
  • They ensure transparency: No matter what product you consume, you need to know what ingredients are used in them. YogaBars assures genuine labelling to ensure complete transparency. In addition to this, their products are made with state of the art technology and include the best quality, fresh ingredients. Therefore, they are among the most reliable nutrition bars available today.

Why Use Nutrition Bars?

Nutrition Bars are becoming extremely popular among people who lead an active lifestyle for various reasons. Here are some advantages of using a good quality protein bar or energy bar:

  • You can get Nutrition on the go: All energy bars and protein bars are designed for convenience. They package some of the most beneficial nutrients into a single bar that you can carry with you whenever you want. This includes proteins, vitamins, minerals, carbs and a lot more that you may not be consuming enough of each day. They help you get a good dose of these nutrients in one dose so that you can fulfill the daily required intake for maximum benefits.
  • Best workout support: For those who train hard at the gym each day, the nutritional requirement is a lot higher. These nutrition bars are the perfect support for any strenuous training regime as they contain a good quantity of protein that you need for your muscles to recover. They also help give you an instant source of nourishment to help repair any wear and tear that may have occurred as a result of intense training and long hours at the gym.
  • They aid weight management: One of the most important features of these energy bars is that they contain fiber and protein that help keep hunger pangs at bay. With a great tasting option like YogaBars, even cravings are effectively controlled. This helps you maintain a good diet plan for better weight management. These products also ensure that you do not get any empty calories, making them the healthiest snacking choice possible.
  • They help you reach your fitness goals faster: Keeping these nutritional bars handy gives you a healthy source of nutrition in case of long gaps between your meals or if you are unable to get a regular meal because of a busy schedule. That way, you do not have to worry about issues like muscle loss that hamper results.

Types of Nutritional Bars

Knowing what to look for in each type of nutritional bar will help you find the best product to suit your requirements. Based on the ingredients that are used in them, nutritional bars are placed under five different categories:

  • Protein Bars: These bars are specially formulated to give the added protein intake that you need if you lead a physically active lifestyle. They are ideal for athletes and bodybuilders. A good protein bar should have a minimum of 10g of protein in very serving. Choosing one that is low in carbs, sugar and fats is ideal to help you gain lean muscles.
  • Meal Replacement Bars: Usually simple in their content, yet good enough to replace a complete meal, these bars are also popularly known as breakfast bars. The vitamin and mineral content along with macronutrients like proteins differentiate these bars from the other types. Choose a breakfast bar that is made with natural ingredients for maximum benefits. These bars are usually loaded with calories that are derived from clean sources in order to give you sustained energy as you will be replacing the meal entirely.
  • Fiber Bars: These nutrition bars are essentially created to help improve digestion and also the absorption of the various nutrients that you consume each day. For those who need to increase the fiber consumption per day, these bars are the most convenient option. Fiber bars contain both insoluble and soluble fiber to give you maximum benefits. They are also recommended for a specific time of the day, be it pre-workout, post workout or as a breakfast bar depending on the brand that you choose. Ideally, you should choose a fiber bar that is not only low in carbs but low in calories as well.
  • Snack bars: As the name suggests, these bars are created for consumption in between meals. They are highly recommended for people with very busy schedules. Choosing a low calorie snack bar with a good amount of nutrients like vitamin and minerals is the best option. They are also very useful in effective weight management as they prevent hunger pangs and binge eating. They are the healthiest alternative to processed foods and other popular choices for snacks.
  • Energy Bars: These bars are usually high in protein, carbs and fiber and low in fat. Organic energy bars give you the best boost of energy that you need for training sessions that demand endurance. As a result, they are ideal for athletes and weight lifters. Avoid bars that have a high fat content as they give you a source of empty calories. You also have low carb options which can be avoided if your training regime is very strenuous. Look for energy bars that are fortified with essential nutrients like vitamins and minerals for best nutritional support.  

Best YogaBars Products

YogaBars has created a range of different products that you can choose from. Each one serves a unique purpose and can be included in your diet accordingly.

YogaBars Protein Bar

  • Each bar comes with 20g of protein that is derived from high quality almonds and whey proteins. These bars are entirely soy free.
  • YogaBars Protein Bar comes with 10g prebiotic fiber. This helps improve gut health and also improves gut flora for better absorption of nutrients.
  • Depending upon the flavor, you get the lowest possible net carbs ranging from 7 to 8g per bar.
  • These bars also contain 300g of Omega 3 fatty acids derived from flax seeds.

YogaBars Wholegrain Breakfast Muesli

  • You have different flavors like Fruit+Nut and Seeds and Almond+Quinoa Crunch with YogaBars Wholegrain Breakfast Muesli to give you great variety for your breakfast each day.
  • This cereal is formulated to ensure that it is light yet filling to help you sustain till your next meal.
  • All the ingredients used in this breakfast muesli are 100% natural.
  • This is a high protein cereal that gives you up to 6g of protein in every serving.
  • They are rich in seeds like flax seeds, chia seeds and pumpkin seeds that are also a good source of healthy fats like Omega-3 Fatty Acids.
  • Get up to 4.3g of fiber from whole grains like Brown Rice, Quinoa and Oats that you will find as the base ingredient in this muesli cereal.
  • It is completely free from processed sugar making it the ideal option for breakfast to avoid any empty calorie consumption.

YogaBars Multigrain Energy Bars

  • The primary ingredients in all YogaBars Multigrain Energy Bars are whole grains, berries, nuts and seeds.
  • They have a great mixture of proteins and fiber to keep you feeling fuller for longer.
  • With these energy bars, the only natural sweeteners like honey and dates are used in order to add flavor. They contain zero added sugar and a lower sugar content in comparison to other multigrain energy bars available today.
  • The fat sources in these bars are peanuts and almonds that are loaded with healthy fats. You can be assured of zero hydrogenated fats and oils in these supplements.
  • There are no artificial preservatives in any of the energy bars found in YogaBars 100% Natural Energy Bar Box.

YogaBars Breakfast Protein Bar

  • YogaBars Breakfast Protein Bar is extremely delicious, fruity, crunch and chewy giving you a great way to start your day.
  • Each bar contains 8g of protein, 7f of fiber and 10g of whole grains to give you a balanced meal replacement option.
  • The whole grains used in these bars include oats, millets and quinoa.
  • It is loaded with some of the most wholesome ingredients such as peanuts, almonds, flax and chia seeds. They provide you with healthy fats like Omega 3 fatty acids.
  • These breakfast bars are also loaded with antioxidants to give you maximum health benefits.
  • You can be assured of 100% natural ingredients and zero artificial flavors and preservatives in these healthy breakfast bars.
  • You can enjoy the great range of flavors and also add variety to the first meal of you day with a YogaBars Breakfast Protein Variety 600gm.

Where to Buy

The most affordable option available to buy your YogaBars nutrition bars and breakfast cereal is HealthKart. Get the advantage of some of the best value packs, combo deals and exclusive discounts. When you purchase from HealthKart, you can be assured of authentic and genuine products sourced from the manufacturer directly.

HealthKart carries a wide range of products that you can read about in detail, compare and then purchase according to your requirements. You can have the products delivered to your doorstep. In addition to this, you also have a hassle free return policy if you do not find any product up to the mark.

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