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Cold Pressed Oils

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Are you trying to cook a healthy diet for yourself? Then time to try some healthy cold pressed oils. Some of the best selling brands for buying cold pressed oils include Nouriza, NutroActive, and HealthKart. If you are into healthy food and drinks, then you should try out olive oils and extra virgin almond oils. NutroActive Extra Virgin Almond Oil and other cold pressed oils are loaded with nutrients and most importantly these oils are unscented, undiluted, extra virgin, cold pressed, hexane free and contains no added ingredients. These are made from 100% natural ingredients, which you can consume without a second thought. You can use these food cooking healthy food or as salad dressing, make your skin glow, as makeup remover and also apply them as hair oils. These cold pressed oils are good and safe for your skin, hair and health.

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Cold Pressed Oils

No matter how strict your diet is, you cannot entirely do away with using oil in your cooking. In fact, it has been found that using certain oils can actually be extremely beneficial to your health. They are loaded with nutrients like Omega-3 fatty acids that you need for several metabolic functions.

If you are looking for maximum nutritional value with these oils, then cold pressed oils are the best option for you. These oils are made without any heat and therefore keep all the nutritional properties of the oil locked in, giving you a great option for cooking oils, salad dressings and more.

What are cold pressed oils?

Cold pressed oils differ from refined oils and other types of oils in their manufacturing method. Cold pressed oil is produced by pressing the seed or the fruit using a steel press with minimal application of heat. The only heat applied to cold pressed coconut oil, olive oil and other oils is through the friction caused by the steel press. Other than that, there is no pre-cooking or heating involved in the making of these oils.

As a result, cold pressed oils retain their flavors, antioxidants, aroma and nutritional value. This is in contrast to other oils made by solvent extraction method where most of the nutrients are removed from the final product. Today, with people choosing healthier lifestyles, cold pressed oil is becoming more popular and a lot more affordable than ever before.

What are the benefits of cold pressed oil?

As mentioned before, cold pressed oils are the purest form of oil that you can obtain naturally. There are several benefits of these oils that make them the most preferred choice world over even for regular cooking. The many cold pressed coconut oil benefits are as follows:

  • There is no processing involved: The manufacturing of these cold pressed oils does not include any form of heating or chemical processing that can reduce the quality. These oils are extracted naturally by pressing the fruit or seed that you wish to obtain the oil from. This also means that there are no harmful solvent residues in these products, making them extremely safe to consume.
  • These oils are rich in nutrients: Since there is no heating involved with these cold pressed oils, all the nutrients that they contain are locked in and are not tampered with. You get the purest form of nutrients such as vitamins and omega-33 that are naturally present in these oils, enhancing their health benefits and providing you with great results.
  • They add better flavor: Since they retain their natural taste and aroma, cold pressed oils are most recommended for cooking. They can add flavor to any recipe that you use them in as they are available in the most natural form possible.
  • They are completely cholesterol free: You do not have to worry about your heart health getting affected with these oils as they are completely cholesterol free. This makes it safe to use them on a daily basis without any negative effects on health and well-being.
  • They do not contain any trans-fats: For those who are following a restricted diet plan, these oils are ideal as they do not contain any trans-fats.
  • They are powerful antioxidants: One of the primary cold pressed coconut oil benefits is its anti-oxidizing property. Using these oils in your daily cooking and even in your skin and hair care regime can give you enhanced results as these oils are completely unadulterated and retain all their anti-oxidizing properties.

How to use cold pressed oils?

There are several ways to use cold pressed oils for health benefits. To begin with, these oils can be used as cooking oils in all your recipes. They can also be used as salad dressing. Cold pressed oils are recommended for topical application as well. Their powerful antioxidizing property helps restore and improve skin and hair health. This is why these oils are included in several home beauty remedies and are also being used to make cosmetics and make up world over. They are also recommended for therapy such as massages as they help you recover faster and also leave you feeling rejuvenated.

Cold Pressed Oil Brands Available At Healthkart

When it comes to any health products such as cold pressed oils, Chia Seeds, Healthy Beverages and more, you can be assured that you get nothing but the best at HealthKart. You have some of the most trusted and widely used brands of cold pressed oils such as Nouriza, OneLife and the HealthKart brand itself. These brands have some common beneficial features as mentioned below:

  • These oils are made from high quality ingredients to ensure that you get maximum purity.
  • The oils have a higher smoke point making the great for cooking and baking.

They are made from 100% organic ingredients.

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