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Working out with the Treadmill

While there is nothing like running outdoors and enjoying the scenery, bad weather and unsafe road conditions may act spoil sport. This is where the Treadmill comes to your rescue and ensures a good workout in the comfort of your home or gym. Whether you are a beginner runner or advanced, the treadmill offers an effective aerobic workout. The treadmill exercise machine mimics a walk or jog while staying stationary in the same place. Treadmills are a good choice if you are looking to begin an exercise routine or suffering from joint troubles. As strength and endurance improves, the treadmill can also be used for jogging or circuit training.

Why use the Treadmill?

The treadmill is a relatively easy exercise machine to use. With a defined surface, you can walk or jog consistently feeling secure. Here are some of the advantages in using a treadmill.

  • Most aspects of the workout on the treadmill can be controlled by the user including speed, intensity, level of incline, warm up and cool down intervals.
  • You can set your own walking pace when you are working on a treadmill. As your body adjusts you can increase your walking speed. Individuals with joint issues can control their exercise pace.
  • Modern day treadmills include display screen with entertainment features. Pre-loaded visual programs on treadmills stimulate an actual run on the beach or a hill trail. The treadmill inclines itself at the appropriate times, matching those hills every step of the way.
  • A treadmill allows you to design custom programs to suit your level of fitness and duration of workout. Some treadmills have special features where your fitness progress can be tracked. These include heart rate and pulse monitors, giving you information about your workout and the calories burnt.
  • You can easily place a treadmill in your home and exercise while watching TV or listening to music. This makes exercise more fun as you burn those extra calories off.
  • Treadmills allow you to be flexible with your schedule. One doesn’t need to skip exercise because of bad weather or insecure road conditions.
  • Treadmills help you burn more calories than stationary bikes or elliptical trainers.
  • A good workout on the treadmill releases endorphins which keeps your stress free from everyday worries and also helps you live longer.

Choosing the Ideal Treadmill

Like stationary bikes and cross trainers, there are a diverse range of treadmill models and features to choose from. It is important that you survey different models with features that suit your pocket and workout needs. Some factors and features that should be considered include:

  • Area of running surface must be both long and wide to accommodate the normal walking and jogging strides. This prevents injury from falling or tripping.
  • The cushioning of the surface should be high quality. It should minimize impact on joints and not feel unstable.
  • Treadmill models have a power rating usually in the range of 1.5 to 3.0. Higher the rating implies smoother motion and a powerful motor.
  • Manual and electronic features should be easy to use and also ergonomically designed. While exercising the display button should be clear and easily accessible.
  • Sturdy hand rails in a treadmill is also an important feature to look out for.

Maximizing your workouts and staying safe on the Treadmill

Using a treadmill can be an ideal way to lose weight or stay physically fit as long as you work out safely and take certain precautions to avoid any injuries.

  • It is important to begin with a low impact exercise such as walking or running at a slow pace for 5 to 10 minutes to loosen and warm up your joints and muscles.  Performing a warm-up exercise prior to a treadmill workout increases heart rate and blood flow to the muscles for an effective workout, protecting you from potential injuries.
  • Steady yourself and place each of your feet outside of the rotating belt when you start the treadmill.
  • Slow your pace down gradually before you stop the treadmill completely to prevent yourself from falling.
  • End your treadmill work out by gradually reducing your incline and pace until your heart rate returns to a calmer level.
  • Some treadmill models treadmills are equipped with heart-rate and pulse rate features that will display your current heart-rate and gradually reduce the pace and incline until the treadmill stops completely.
  • Handrails should be used at the beginning of your workout or long enough to feel safe with a particular speed or incline. Using the handrails during workouts in the long run can strain joints or injure your wrists, elbows, arms, shoulders and ankles.
  • Step down from the treadmill carefully and slowly after your workout to prevent yourself from experiencing sudden dizziness or vertigo.
  • Be patient and gradually increase your treadmill speeds and inclines over longer duration as you continue to train your body and become more comfortable with using a treadmill.
  • It is important to wear proper athletic shoes while working out on the treadmill. Treadmills contain rotating belt which may accidentally cause you to trip if your shoes are not secure on your feet.

Staying motivated to use the Treadmill

It is important to stay motivated during every workout. Think fun and variety when you exercise. Following are a few tips to help you with your workout.

  • Treadmill is an ideal exercise equipment which may suit your lifestyle and fitness goals
  • Focus on strength building, recovery and stamina to provide variety in your routine. Integrate a treadmill workout with strength training and stretching exercises.
  • Scheduling a regular workout time is also important. Discipline yourself and try to build in an hour each day of working out on the treadmill. Compared to a stationary bike, one can achieve higher training results with a treadmill. For an effective workout, one can work 30 minutes of moderate exercise daily to burn almost 300 calories when using treadmills.
  • Tracking Your Progress is also a great motivator. Most treadmills have devices which will track the amount of calories burnt, distance covered and heart rate levels.