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Gym Bags: Pack Up Perfect & Specially Designed Gym Bags for Workout

Getting ready for a good workout means that you need to carry all your gym essentials including a change of clothes, food, your supplements, shoes and more. A good gym bag is a must-have if you are someone who trains regularly and shunts between work, home and your gym. No matter what type of physical activity you choose to indulge in, finding that perfect gym bag to carry everything that you need is extremely important. Here is everything that you need to know about this essential workout accessory.

How to Choose the Right Gym Bag

You must choose your gym bag as carefully as you would choose your attire or any gym equipment to facilitate the best workout each day. There are some features that you need to look for in when you are buying gym bags online or in a store:

  • The construction material: It is a no brainer that your gym bag should be extremely sturdy. The last thig you want is your bag giving away as you pack in more essentials, especially your food and supplements. You want to ensure that your gym bag is long lasting and weather-proof. For this, considering the construction material is vital.
  • There are three kinds of material that are usually chosen to make gym bags, namely nylon, canvas and leather. Leather is undoubtedly the most stylish of the three and is also ideal if you need a gym bag that also doubles as a bag that you can carry to work. However, the disadvantage of leather is that the bag can get quite heavy for you to lug around. Canvas is a durable option and also works as a great casual bag that you can carry for overnight trips. Of course, this material is not waterproof which means that rains or a water bottle leakage can leave your bag dripping.
  • One of the most popular choices is nylon. This material is light and flexible. You can pack it up and store it easily when you are not using it. It is also completely water proof and weather proof. While you are looking at the construction material, it is important to note that the price of the bag can vary based on the material that you choose.
  • The number of compartments: Whether you are looking for gym bags for men or women, this is easily the most important feature. Choosing a large bag with a single compartment means that smaller items like gym gloves will lie buried under other items in your bag. It will take forever for you to find what you need. Therefore, opt for bags that have multiple pockets of different sizes. It helps you organize your things and saves you a lot of time as well. One special compartment that your bag must have is a shoe compartment which helps you avoid carrying a separate bag just for your indoor shoes.
  • The design of your gym bag: Today, people need a bag that is more versatile. Especially for those who head to their office after a workout or vice versa, the design of the gym bag should be sleeker and more sophisticated. The design also reflects your personality. The color that you choose, the shape of the bag and other features depend on what else you want to use the bag for. For instance, you may choose a sleek duffle bag that is easy to fold if you want to also make use of it on treks or as an added carry-on bag when you travel.
  • Of course, the type of physical activity that you choose also determines the design that you would choose. There are bags that are specifically designed for yoga or for other types of exercises like CrossFit. The compartments are based on the accessories that are important for these activities.
  • The kinds of straps used: Convenience and comfort are pivotal when it comes to choosing your gym bag. Normally, a gym bag will have two straps that you can use handles to carry the bag. However, you may prefer to wear it across your body or over your shoulder if you need to walk longer distances with your bag. Of course, there are some people who prefer the conventional backpack style, especially if the bag is too heavy to carry. This is why looking carefully for the right kind of straps is very important when you are buying a gym bag.

Gym Bag Essentials

In the end, with gym bags of women or men, the most important thing is that you need to be able to carry everything that you need for your training. When you are looking for a gym bag, make sure that you are able to fit in the following items comfortably:

  • A Large Water Bottle: Staying hydrated is undoubtedly the most important part of working out, without having to fill it time and again. You should be able to carry a bottle that holds at least one liter of water to keep you going for long training hours. Carrying your own water bottle is also a more hygienic option when compared to using a common glass or cup available at the gym.
  • Towels: You should able to carry two types of towels. First, you need to carry a hand towel that keeps you free from sweat when you are working out. Then, if you wish to take a shower after every workout, you will need a larger towel. Make sure that they both fit into your bag easily. Don’t forget a laundry bag to carry the soiled towels and clothes back home.
  • Gym Gloves: Gym gloves are smaller items that will fit right into your bag. However, it is better if your bag has a separate compartment for your gloves so that you are not looking for them all the time.
  • Weight Lifting Belt: For those who are into serious weight training and tend to pump more iron in each session, these belts are a must. Even if your gym provides these belts, you may prefer to carry your own so that you can use them whenever you wish to. These belts are usually larger and heavier which means that you will require a bigger bag if you want to carry them.
  • A Change of Clothes: You may just need a spare T-shirt or may require a complete set of fresh clothes if you need to get to work after training or have other plans. The size of your bag depends on this. It is also best to choose a bag with a sturdy base to carry work clothes so that they do not get crumpled.
  • Personal Care Products: If you are going to take a shower after your workout, you will need to carry your soaps and shampoos. Of course, a good moisturizer, deodorant and other personal care products also need to be packed in. For women, an added make up kit requires more space and compartments in your bag.
  • Supplements: Supplements usually take up maximum space in your gym bag. Most people prefer to pack in supplements for at least a week instead of refilling them each day before working out. This is time saving and convenient. So, with products like your protein supplements, you will need larger boxes or bottles which means that the bag needs to be larger. Of course, you also need a protein shaker that you will use to prepare your drink after training.
  • Shoes: With most gyms, you are not allowed to wear outdoor shoes on the floor. This is a very important measure taken to maintain hygiene on the floor and to keep equipment free from dirt and dust. Needless to say, you will need an extra pair of shoes that you will change into when you hit the gym. A bag with an added shoe compartment is best suited.
  • Food and Snacks: Be it your pre-workout meal or post-workout meal, you may prefer to take it with you to ensure that you consume it on time.

Best Gym Bags

When you are looking for the best gym bag, look for the ones that are manufactured by companies that have some experience in the world of fitness and sports. Here are some of the best designs of sports bags created by top nutritional supplement brands in the market today:

MuscleBlaze Naam Hain Ziddi Gym Bag

  • This gym kit bag is made from the sturdiest construction material and comes with high quality stitching to give you maximum durability.
  • MuscleBlaze Naam Hai Ziddi Bag is very stylish and comes with interesting detailing like contrast colored zipper and grunge typography.
  • It is a large sized bag that expands easily because of the flexible construction material to hold more items like gym belts and t-shirts.
  • You have a long strap with adjustable padding in the MuscleBlaze ZHM Gym Bag which makes it easy for you to carry on your shoulder or across your body. You can also detach the straps of this MuscleBlaze Gym Bag if you do not wish to use them.

SportSoul Gym Bag with Shoe Pocket

  • The contrasting colors used with this gym bag make it extremely stylish. You have color options like red and black or bright yellow.
  • The bag is extremely spacious and comes with three pockets- 1 side pocket, one shoe pocket and a main pocket.
  • SportsSoul Gym Bag With Shoe Poacket keeps your clothes and other items in the bag free from dirt and odor by providing an added shoe bag.
  • It is made from polyester fabric which is completely water proof.
  • The strong straps and the construction of this SportSoul Gym bag can hold up to 5 kgs easily.

SNT Gym Bag

  • SNT Gym Bag is compact and easy to carry.
  • It also works perfectly as a carry-on bag or overnight luggage.
  • This gym duffle bag comes with two pockets, one large main one and a small one on the side to carry your keys, phone and other smaller items.
  • The bag is made from high quality material to ensure durability.

SportSoul Workout & Gym Set Combo

  • This is a great combo deal that gives you all your gym essentials.
  • You get a wrist supported along with thumb support with the SportsSoul Workout and Gym Set Combo.
  • The cushioned wrist support keeps your wrist protected when you are lifting heavy and performing compound movements.
  • The duffle bag is spacious and comes with two handles and a long shoulder strap for more convenience.
  • The bag is extremely stylish and comes in a contrasting red and black color.
  • It has side pockets that make it easier for you to carry smaller items and find them easily too.
  • This is a multipurpose bag that can also double as the perfect travel bag.

MuscleBlaze Ziddis Don't Wait Gym Bag

  • This stylish gym bag comes with the slogan #ziddisDontWait printed on it to give you that added motivation to hit the gym.
  • To keep all the items in the bag secure, the MuscleBlaze Ziddis Don’t Wait Gym Bag comes with a double zipper fastener.
  • It has a large pocket that you can carry your gym belt, gloves and other accessories in.
  • It is made with completely water proof material.
  • The long shoulder strap with the adjustable padding makes it very easy for you to carry.
  • The construction material is extremely sturdy and comes with the highest quality stitching, making it perfect for daily use.

Where to Buy

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