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Stylish and Classy Jogger Pants For The Best Workout Wardrobe

Of all the types of men’s gym clothes, joggers have certainly taken the market by storm. These comfortable and stylish pants are extremely versatile and can be styled perfectly to smash it at the gym or to enjoy a quiet day off. Sports brands have picked up on the popularity of joggers and have introduced different designs and fabric options for you to choose from.

The main feature of jogger pants is that they fit beautifully around the ankles while giving your legs enough room to move around. They are perfect for any type of workout that you choose, be it cross fit, weight training or even a relaxing session of yoga. Here is everything that you need to know about wearing this style of track pants right to look your best.

Different Jogger Pant Fabric Options

Joggers, also known as tapered track pants, use different types of fabric that you can choose from depending upon how you want to use them. Here are the most popular gym wear fabric options that you can choose from:

  • Spandex: Also known as lycra, this is one of the best fabric options for gym clothes. It stretches easily which means that you do not have to worry about rips and tears as you perform movements that require more range. When it comes to lycra or spandex joggers, the light weight of the fabric is a great advantage. It falls perfectly on your body and helps with unrestricted movement. Of course, it gets right back in shape after you are done with any exercise, making it totally wrinkle free. A pair of black spandex joggers is just what you need if you focus equally on strength and flexibility in your training regime.
  • Knitwear: This is one of the most well-known fabric options used for jogger pants. The fabric is thick and comfortable because it still allows you skin to breathe easily. Knitwear which is usually made from merino wool is ideal for both cold and warm weathers. If you indulge in activities like running, especially, this is exactly what you need. The fabric regulates body temperature, wicks any sweat instantly and is also completely anti-bacterial to avoid chaffing or rashes caused by friction. To make this fabric stretch more, it is also blended with options like lycra or spandex. The advantage of this is also that your jogger is more fitted. Knitwear is a very light fabric which lets you increase speed when you are training and also helps you stay cooler on a warm day.
  • Cotton: Another popular fabric choice, cotton is just perfect for a good workout on a warm day. This is the most breathable fabric option available. The downside to cotton is that it does not dry up as easily. So, looking for options with a waterproof mesh layer underneath can work well to prevent dampness at the end of your training session. Cotton and polyester blends are the more popular choice when it comes to gym wear for men. This makes the fabric stretch better which allows better movement and keeps you free from the stress of hearing it rip as you get deeper into a squat or lunge. 
  • Bamboo: This is a new addition to the choice of fabrics for men and women’s joggers. If you are someone who cares deeply about the environment, this eco-friendly fabric is something that you will certainly love. It is 100% natural which means that you do not have to worry about skin rashes or infections caused by friction or sweat. It is one of the softest fabric options available, giving you the best fit and maximum comfort. What is best is that it is breathable and also wicks off sweat to keep you dry.
  • Polyester: This fabric is one of the most popular options for gym wear including gym vests and t-shirts. The ability of this fabric to dry easily is one of the reasons for its popularity. It does not absorb and hold any moisture, keeping you dry. For men’s joggers used for outdoor activities, this fabric choice is ideal as it also keeps UV rats at bay. You don’t have to worry about rains either as this fabric dries up easily. The only disadvantage of this fabric is that it is not anti-bacterial like other natural fiber options such as cotton or bamboo.
  • Denim: Denim joggers have become a ranging trend among the “sneaker enthusiasts”. This style has become popular because it looks extremely stylish and is perfect even to wear casually. Choose a denim blend fabric if you are looking for options for your gym wear. Denim does not stretch which can restrict your movement quite a bit. You also have spandex or lycra options which come with a denim print or design to give you the same trendy look with the comfort of better movement. Regular denim joggers are, of course, the most desirable lounge wear option. They are roomy and fit just perfectly.

How To Style Your Joggers

Most people think that gym joggers make you look sloppy. This is totally untrue because it all depends upon how you style your joggers. The good news is that these pants are very versatile and can also make for the perfect semi-casual attire that you can wear to work on a Friday, perhaps. Here are some simple styling tips to look your best in a pair of easy-going and comfortable joggers.

  • Keep it simple: For a great workout outfit, the best way is to stick to the basics. A well-fitted pair of black joggers with a colorful gym vest or muscle tee can never go wrong. You can spruce it up with a pair of high top sneakers and a matching cap. Throw on a black jacket and complete your stylish gym outfit. The gym T-shirt that you choose can be loose or fitted, as they both look incredibly cool with a well-fitted pair of joggers.
  • Go Monochrome: This is a great way to make you look taller even with a pair of the baggiest pair of joggers. If you are looking for an outfit to make you look slimmer, choose a darker color option like navy blue or black. On a warmer day, light colors like white or grey keep your body cooler. Of course, these are the trendiest option that you will find most celebs sporting. Break the monotony with a contrasting sneaker or jacket. If you are feeling a little ambitious with your wardrobe, match your sneakers, jacket and cap to add depth to your comfortable outfit.
  • Don’t shy away from prints and colors: The best joggers for men are the ones that look playful and trendy. Of course, this means that you cannot hold back on the color or the prints. You can go for over-the-top geometric prints if you like to play around with your wardrobe. For those who like to keep it subtle, a print like camouflage is perfect. Pair this with a black or white t-shirt or vest and you have a winner. Men often keep clear of bright colors like yellow and sky blue. But, these are trending and how. To cut the brightness of these colors, you can choose a long muscle tee in a contrasting color. The best thing to do is to stick to a basic black vest with your bright colored joggers.
  • Turn them into smart casuals: If you plan on an outing after training or even have a casual business meeting, you can totally change the way your outfit looks. Joggers go very well with denim, if you have a print like camo or stick to a basic black one. A well fitted polo t-shirt with a comfortable denim jacket is a great way to turn your joggers into a stylish outfit to wear post workout.

Choosing the Right Joggers

The most important part of keeping your outfit stylish is making sure that it is comfortable. When you buy joggers online, here are some tips that you can follow:

  • Check the fabric that is used. If you want something that is strictly for the gym, polyester or spandex is the best choice. For a more versatile option, look for knitwear or fleece joggers.
  • Zipped pockets are a great option. You can carry your belongings with you even when you are performing swift movements or are changing the exercises as you go along. The great thing about zipped pockets is that they also add to the detailing of the design.
  • Have more choices. While a pair of joggers is a wardrobe essential, keep your mind open. Look for more colors and prints when you are choosing your joggers to add to the style quotient of your workout attire.
  • Make sure you find the perfect waist band. The last thing you want is a thin elastic band that digs into your skin. This can make movements like squats extremely uncomfortable. With joggers, choose the draw string option for maximum comfort. You also have hidden drawstring designs that come on the inner side of the elastic band to keep your outfit stylish.

Jogger Designs You will Love

Here are some of the trendiest joggers available online with brands like Swee and Fitnic. These brands are known for comfortable gym wear including shorts, vests, joggers and more.

Aesthetic Bodies Men's Side Pocket Jogger

  • This great pair of joggers by Aesthetic bodies comes with a poly and cotton blend fabric for maximum comfort.
  • It comes with an elasticated and branded inner waist band that fits perfectly to prevent it from cutting into your skin.
  • The design of Aesthetic Bodies Men’s Side Pocket Jogger combines street styles with modern designs like ribbing in the hem.
  • To add to the style quotient, it comes with double paneling at the knee.

Fitinc Jogger for Men with Two Side Zipper Pockets

  • This is a comfortable and stretchable pair of joggers by Fitnic which is made with 100% Lycra.
  • The fabric used in the Fitinc Jogger for Men with Two Side Zipper Pockets is completely sweat absorbent and also dries up very fast.
  • The slim fit design of these joggers adds to the comfort and gives you the perfect option to wear for a workout.
  • Two side zipper pockets are available to keep your belongings safe when you train.

Swee Women's Plain Leggings

  • If you are looking for a comfortable and versatile option for your gym wear collection, this is the perfect option.
  • You have 6 size options with Swee Women's Plain Leggings which makes it ideal for any body type.
  • These leggings are ankle length and look extremely stylish and trendy.
  • The special fast drying fabric used gives you complete comfort even when you are training for long hours at the gym.
  • The advanced stretch technology used in this fabric gives you great mobility and also improves your performance.
  • These leggings are perfect for weight training and even activities like Zumba and Yoga.

Swee Athletica Vital Seamless High Waist Bottom

  • Swee Athletica Vital Seamless High Waist Bottom is perfect for yoga, running, weight training and several other sports and fitness activities.
  • These pants stay cool and dry, giving you maximum comfort when you are training.
  • The fabric stretches very well to give you the best movement range irrespective of the type of activity that you are performing.
  • The nylon and spandex blend used in these leggings makes it look smart and also gives you a comfortable fit.
  • The high waist design helps you work out better even when you are changing levels or movement, stretching or trying complex exercises.

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