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Lifting Straps & Hooks

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GYM accessories play a very important role in enhancing your performance by providing your body the support and safety required while you are working out hard in the gym or at home. The various support for GYM accessories helps in reducing pain and discomfort during workout. Lifting Straps & Hooks are heavy-duty velcro straps that are worn around the wrist. If you wish to lift more weight with ease and have a better grip, then you should always go for the KOBO Gym Straps. KOBO offers ultra durable, comfortable and adjustable straps that makes it the best gym equipment for fitness enthusiasts who are into powerlifting. The hooks of KOBO hand bar straps are made out of metal that is held in the palm of your hand and allows you to hold weight properly without giving strain to your wrist. These affordable hand straps are both durable and comfortable.


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Lifting Hooks & Straps: For Better Grip During Hardcore Training

Gym equipment helps in improving your posture, reducing pain and discomfort while you are working out in the gym or at home. The weightlifting hooks are one such product that helps you to lift more weight with ease and have a better grip.

What are Weight Lifting hooks?

Weight-lifting hooks or straps are heavy-duty velcro straps that are worn around the wrist. These products have a lifting hook made out of metal that is held in the palm of your hand. The hooks do not eliminate the need for grip strength completely but helps in having a firmer grasp on heavier weights. These lifting hooks & straps make sure that  you are able to hold weight properly without giving strain to your wrist.

What are the different brands for purchasing Lifting Hooks & Straps?

Some of the best brands for purchasing lifting hooks & straps are KOBO, Strauss, B Fit USA, Fitup Life, and Fitsy. These products are Ultra durable, comfortable and adjustable, which makes them a great option for fitness enthusiasts who are into  powerlifting.

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  • What are straps for the gym?

The gym straps enhance comfort and give a better grip while you are performing exercise like weightlifting, cross training or any other fitness activity which involves your fist.

  • Do wrist straps help?

Yes! The wrist straps keep your grip strong and secure, which does not allow the bar to slip from your hand. The straps help in keeping the bar secure in the lifter's hands while they lift heavy weights.

  • How do you use gym straps?

Wear the  right type of gym straps as suggested by your trainer while doing weight lifting which even includes lifting of dumbbells.

  • Do wrist wraps help deadlift?

No! Wrist wraps do not help much with exercises like deadlifts. However, you can use them under the supervision of your trainer.

  • Do wrist wraps prevent injury?

Yes! The wrist wraps help in preventing injury but if you are already suffering from pain due to some previous injury, then it is not advisable to use wrist straps without the advice of a doctor or your trainer.