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MuscleBlaze Protein Cereal

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MuscleBlaze Protein Cereal

A good breakfast is the most important part of your day. It keeps you energized and helps you perform better with your fitness regime. Having a good portion of protein is essential for your muscles to get the nutrition that they need in order to grow after a good 6-8 hours of fasting while you are asleep at night. 
A high protein cereal is the fastest and easiest way to get the right balance of all the nutrients that you require. 

Why do you need a High Protein Breakfast? 

Most people pay attention to the protein content in their lunch and dinner and usually overlook breakfast. Here are 5 reasons why you need to include proteins in the first meal of your day: 
  • It helps you keep your weight in check: Research shows that those who skip breakfast are more likely to be obese overweight. These studies show that the chances of fat storage are 4.5 times higher in those who do not include a good portion of protein in their first meal. 
  • It is essential for muscle maintenance: If your fitness goals include maintaining and developing your muscles. This is because your body is most active during the day, which means that the muscles need a constant supply of proteins to prevent any muscle loss. 
  • You the daily-recommended intake of protein: Including protein in your breakfast helps you spread out protein intake, ensuring that you get the daily-recommended quantity of this important nutrient. 
  • Keeps you Fuller for Longer: A high protein breakfast increases the amount of a hormone called ghrelin in your body. This hormone is responsible for keeping you feeling fuller for longer. 
  • Better Food Choices: When you are satiated and when the body gets all the nutrients that it needs, the chances of consuming foods high in sugar and fat are lower. 

MuscleBlaze Protein Cereal

This is one of the best protein cereals you can include in your diet for various reasons such as:
  • High Protein Intake: This protein cereal gives you 17g proteins with every 50g consumed with 250 ml of milk. 
  • Good Dose of Antioxidants: MuscleBlaze Protein Cereal contains black raisins that are rich in anti-oxidants and provide a rich flavor to your breakfast. 
  • Zero Sugar and Fat: This is one of the most recommended high protein cereals in India because it contains no fats and sugars. Therefore, it is also a great choice for snacks in between your meals. 
  • Premium Ingredients: It contains ingredients such soy flakes, wheat flakes and oat rings of premium quality. These ingredients are loaded with fiber, which means that you stay more satisfied for longer, preventing any hunger pangs. 


MuscleBlaze Protein Cereal is unflavored. However, ingredients like pineapple and strawberry crush and raisins add to the taste, making it more satisfying. 

How to consume?

You can eat this 50 g of high protein cereal with 250 ml of milk to get 17 grams of protein. You can even munch on it as a snack to get 10 g of protein per 50 g serving. 

Where to buy?

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