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Oats are among the most common breakfast snacks worldwide. They are the healthiest and delicious health food. Protein, fibre (specially beta-glucan), and healthy fats are some nutrients whose value you can attain via the breakfast snack. There are multiple types and flavours of the product that fall within an affordable oats price range. You can consume these with yoghurt, dried fruits, honey and fresh fruits as toppings.

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Breakfast Oats: A Mindful Eating

With the rise in health awareness, people have become more open to different choices. Maybe they all are divided in their health talks but have consensus when it comes to Oats as a healthy breakfast. Today, you can find oats, making their place on breakfasts for many people. Since the advent of technology, it is quite easy to get oats online from various platforms that makes oats price under-pocket budgets for many. Let’s know oats in more detail.

What are Oats?

Oats, whole grains are also called Avena Sativa. Commonly, it is eaten in breakfast as porridge. Mainly, these grains refer to the edible seeds from the plant. Oatmeal is usually prepared by boiling oats with either water or milk. People also choose different toppings for the same in order to enhance the nutritional value as well as the taste. Moreover, 1 kg oats price is affordable for almost everyone, making them a go-to choice for daily breakfast.

Types of Oats

Oats, a great option for breakfast that are available in many types. Mainly there are eight types of oats.

  • Scottish Oats: One of the least known types of oats which is no less when it comes to taste. Just by stone grinding the whole oat groat, the Scottish oats are made. That is why it is one of the best oats for porridge.
  • Whole Oat Groats: This oat grain comes in its most whole and intact form. It is made just by removing the hull. But the endosperm, bran, and germ remains as it is. Quick Oats: It is a variation of rolled oats that are smaller chopped and rolled thinner. These oats usually have a mushier texture. So choose the right one.
  • Steel Cut : It is also called the Irish Oats. It is called steel cut because the whole oat groat is chopped into 2-4 pieces with a steel blade. It is a slow cook that usually takes 20 to 30 minutes to get cooked.
  • Oat Bran: A byproduct of oat manufacturing which is not a whole grain but the outer layer of oat groat. Rolled Oats: One of the most common types of Oats which is also known as Old-Fashioned Oats. This is the thicker oats and contains a chewier texture.
  • Oat Flour: This is the flour of Oats which is made by simply making ground rolled oats flour. This is a finely processed form of the oats just like wheat flour.
  • Instant Oats: Instant oats are used with many processed foods. You just need to soak it in the hot water and microwave it and the instant oats are ready. Plus, instant oats price is affordable too.

Why Should You Consume Oats?

Oats are a power pack of various nutrients that support different bodily functions.1 kg oats price also falls within the affordable range, making them an excellent choice for breakfast. The health benefits offered by the same are:

  1. Improves Blood Sugar Levels

Beta-glucan, a soluble fiber found in oats, helps to keep the glycemic index low when consumed on a regular basis. Insulin sensitivity is improved and postprandial glucose levels are reduced by oats' high fiber content. It may also benefit gut health.

  1. Healthy Heart

Oats are antioxidant- and fiber-rich, which fight free radicals, improving heart health. Oats also control cholesterol levels and help lower it. Beta-glucan, a soluble fibre in oats, limits the absorption of dietary cholesterol in the intestine. This reduces coronary heart disease risk.

  1. Beneficial For Digestive Tract

Adding oats to our diet is good for our digestive health. They contain a lot of soluble fiber, which prolongs the transit time of food through the digestive system. As it passes through the digestive tract, this fibre helps to keep it clean. Oatmeal fiber also aids regularity in the bowels and helps keep you from getting constipated. Besides relieving constipation, oats can help prevent colorectal cancer.

  1. Lowers Blood Pressure

Oats consumption lowers the risk of hypertension development (high blood pressure). This nutritious cereal's soluble fiber helps to keep arteries and veins clear, which is especially beneficial for those with pre-existing high blood pressure.

  1. Helps Relieve Stress

Oatmeal is a nourishing food that helps reduce the levels of stress hormone in the body. On the other hand, it helps elevate the levels of serotonin, the hormone that promotes feelings of well-being and contentment.

  1. Weight-loss Friendly

Oats fiber fills the stomach faster than non-fiber breakfasts. They also slow glucose release in the blood, which prevents binge-eating. People who eat oats regularly are less likely to be obese. Oats reduce belly fat. Plain oats are better for weight loss than flavored ones, which are high in sugar.

  1. Beneficial For Skin & Hair

Oats are rich in zinc which helps fight acne. As oats absorb skin oil so it is used in acne treatments. Beta-glucans moisturise dry, itchy skin. Oats help lighten skin and prevent tanning. Oatmeal also helps hair. It relieves itching, and prevents dandruff. Oats strengthen hair follicles and prevent hair damage when applied to balding areas. Oatmeal masks are known for moisturizing and shining the scalp.

  1. Energy Booster

Oats are rich in carbohydrates, making them a perfect breakfast. Oats high B vitamin content boosts energy and its high fiber content keeps you feeling full for longer and reduces energy drops.

  1. Immunity Enhancement

The white blood cells present in our body consist of a type of receptors that can easily absorb beta-glucan present in oats. This helps them ward off infections and prevent common illnesses effectively.

  1. Cancer Risk Reduction

Oats have good amounts of lignans, a type of plant compounds that help prevent hormonal disturbances including ovarian, prostate and breast cancer.

Best Brands for Oats in India

Here is a list of some of the best and most trusted brands in India that offer high-quality oats products:

1. MuscleBlaze

MuscleBlaze offers oats that have good amounts of fibre, protein, probiotics, and other essential nutrients. They can help you meet your body's daily protein requirement. MuscleBlaze 1 kg oats price also comes within the affordable range.

2. True Elements

True Elements offers gluten-free oats that consist of 100% certified wholegrain. It offers various types of products with different flavours to enhance the taste. All of these provide your body the required amounts of protein, fibre, healthy fats, probiotics, and other nutrients.

3. Bagrry’s

Bagrry’s offers the best type of cholesterol-lowering oatmeal. The products offered by the brand contain micronutrients like iron, zinc, and manganese that can help you keep your appetite in check and avail various health benefits of oats.

4. Oateo

Oateo offers FSSAI, FSSC 22000, and GMP certified products. They are known for the various flavours they offer with the most competitive 2 kg oats price.


UNIFIT is a brand that offers top-quality oats with an affordable 1 kg oats price. The products are enriched with fibre, vitamin C, vitamin B, omega 3, and antioxidants.

List of Best-Selling Oats Products in India

If you are looking to buy the right type of oats, here is a list of the best-selling products that you can choose from:

  • MuscleBlaze Probiotic Oats

1 kg MB probiotic is one of the best oats with improved digestion as it is packed with the goodness of probiotics. So, experience better gut health with improved digestion, bowel movement, and nutrient absorption. The oats price 1kg is completely under your pocket budget. So, just focus on the nutrients value only.

  • MuscleBlaze Instant Oats

MuscleBlaze Instant Oats starts from a very decent price of oats in India. It provides 10.51 g of dietary fibre in every 100 g of serving that makes it one of the highest fibre levels. So improve your digestion and enjoy greater satiety and stay active for longer. Enjoy benefits of health & low-cost instant oats price.

  • True Elements Gluten Free Steel Cut Oats

One of the best plain oats which is high in iron and gluten free. It is a good source of vitamin B, amino acids and minerals. Rolled oats price is quite affordable with True Element so only focus on the nutritional value and right meal for healthy you.

  • Oateo Rolled Oats

One of the best rolled oats in India that comes in a wide range of packages from small to medium and large. Worried about the rolled oats price? Don’t worry. These oats small packet prices start from less than 155 INR. So, enjoy 11% fibre, 13% more protein, & essential vitamins like calcium, Iron, Manganese in every 100 grams.

  • True Elements Ready-To-Cook Masala Rolled Oats

Have you tasted kanda poha ? The masala rolled oats just like the traditional one. Reward your taste bud just with 150 INR of the masala oats price. Also enjoy the 14.5g plant-protein and 8.5g Dietary Fibre. Shop these oats online at HealthKart for the best price.

Where to Buy Oats Online in India in 2023?

If you are looking for a place to buy oats online or offline, you can rely on HealthKart. Either visit or a nearest offline retail store to purchase oats online or offline at the best 2 kg oats price.

Other products available from HealthKart include the best peanut butter, protein bar, and cereals from reputed brands. For hassle-free and affordable shopping experience visit HealthKart today!

Buying Guide of Oats

There are certain points that can help you make a better decision when it comes to buying oats. While it is important to keep in mind the 1 kg or 2 kg oats price, you may want to keep certain points in mind. Oat groats are considered as the healthiest oat that consists of a wide range of nutrients. Make sure which brand you are using free from the gluten, preservatives, sugar, and flavor. And oats buy online at HealthKart for quality products.

Protein, fiber and a wide range of other nutrients, such as vitamin B1, magnesium, and iron are the most common nutrients in almost every oat. You can refer to the nutritional information mentioned on the package to identify the best-suited product based on your requirements, Consuming higher levels of oats with higher calories, gluten, and additives can cause different side effects, including bloating, obesity, malnutrition, and muscle loss.

FAQ's Related To Oats

Q1. Which is the best oats for weight gain ?

Ans: Looking for the best oats for weight gain ? Choose the oats with high protein. MuscleBlaze High Protein Oats, 400 g, Dark Chocolate is the right way to start your healthy weight gain journey.

Q2. Which oats are best for weight loss?

Ans: Choose the unflavored oats with high fibre content and protein if you are really senicior to lose weight. Sometimes you can try out the masala oats. Make sure these are gluten free and have less salt. You can get the best product and price of oats in India only at HealthKart.

Q3. Which oats are best for protein?

Ans: There are many oats with high protein but MuscleBlaze High Protein Oats is the best for many reasons including taste and other nutrients.

Q4. Can I eat oats everyday?

Ans: Of course oats can be eaten everyday for breakfast. But make sure you are having different other things with it to save your taste buds and nutrient value.

Q5. What is the difference between rolled oats and oats?

Ans:There are many types of oats. Rolled oats is just one type of oat, that is oat frost rolled into flakes and steame