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Nail Care

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Nail Care

When it comes to personal grooming, Nail Care holds a significant purpose. Meticulous application of makeup and donning of the most fashionable clothes less proper nail care does make you look a bit scruffy and this makes it even more imperative that we give extra attention to nail care. For this reason, following a nail care regime work wonders to help you in grooming yourselves for any occasion.

If you notice dents, ridges, and areas with unusual color or shape then this calls for proper nail care irrespective of whether your nails are healthy or are in need of appropriate attention. Adhering to regular nail care from well-trimmed, clean to the importance of daily moisturizing can go a long way for healthy nails upkeep.

Nails cannot repair themselves as they are dead. This necessitates the need for us to maintain our nails regularly. Intriguingly, if nails are dead, then how do they grow? Well they don't. New cells develop deep under our cuticles and push out the older, dead ones which forms those hard, flat surfaces we enjoy pampering and polishing and here’s what you can do for those great looking nails.

Nail care essentials

Never share your nail filing or your emery board. This tool is a porous germ-trapper hence, keep it to yourself, and replace it as often as possible.

Cramming your feet into puny pointy shoes leads to ingrown nails that contribute to nail damage, inflammation, pain and infection. Furthermore, your toes hitting the front of your shoe leads to cracks that can lead to discomfort and infection.

Nail care is synonymous with daily hydration to avoid parched nails. Dry nails tend to be brittle, peel off and crack. Moreover, dehydrated cuticles look unkempt and can turn into septic and painful hangnails. The best way is to use a thick and greasy nail moisturizer daily.

Never walk barefoot. Always wear slippers or comfortable shoes when at public places. Doing so will only contribute to healthy nails. Warm and moist environments are a breeding ground for fungi and viruses and hence, walking barefoot in such conditions can only lead to bacteria retention resulting in nail infection. Ideally, ask for a hose when shopping for shoes, if not offered.

Eat a healthy balanced diet. The reason why many people are seen with healthy and strong nails are a sign that they are consuming a well-balanced diet. Then why is it you suffer from constant breaking and splitting of nails despite eating the right foods? The answer is simple. Our genes play a vital role in determining the condition of our nails. Moreover, the way we give importance to our nail care regime does play an integral difference to whether they can withstand a daily hectic lifestyle.

Invest in a potent hand-cream. Dead Keratin make up for the visible portion of our nails that lies beyond the cuticles and moisturizers prevent that section of our nails from drying out. For this reason, it is essential pick out a potent hand-cream that works effectively. Inclusion of a scented hand-cream in our nail care regime works well to induce regularly usage. Also, keeping a handy hand-cream while on-the-go works for instant use. Keep a bottle of hand-cream handy in your bathroom closet so it acts as a constant reminder for daily moisturizing of your nails.

Nail care also includes giving your cuticles a good massage during the application of your desired hand-cream. This works to stimulate nail growth that lead to healthy nail upkeep.

Invest in a good ayurveda hand-cream that contains almond oil and honey in your nail care regime to make your hands soft and nails nourished. This cream should be applied and left overnight to encourage better nail growth. Another tip is to rub some petroleum jelly on your nails for that natural glossy look. Apply a protective coating before application of nail polish and a natural nail coat base to accentuate the effect of your nail polish colour

What to avoid for better nail care

Avoid soaking your nails in harsh nail polish removers; even the non-acetone variations. Give your nails some breathing space to avoid peeling, dryness and breakage.

Avoid constant nail filing as it weakens the nails resulting in faster breakage.

Avoid long nails as they get tougher to manage and can easily chip or break.

Avoid pushing back cuticles or remove them as they help protect the nails from infections. They act as relevant contributors in stimulating nail growth.

Include foods rich in Calcium, Potassium, Iron, Vitamin B, almonds, celery, spinach, garlic, eggs, yogurt and seafood to enhance healthy nail growth.

Avoid biting your nails and find out what fuels that behavior.

Manicures also help in healthy upkeep of nails. Do remember that basic nail care is the way forward to ensuring prolonged nail health.