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Endura Double Gain - Pack of 2, Chocolate 2.2 lb
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Endura Double Gain - Pack of 2, Chocolate 2.2 lb

  • Endura Shaker, Red 600 ml
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Rs. 1936
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  • Enhances the development of strong muscles
  • Helps in muscle recovery post workout
  • Reduces the breakdown of muscle protein

Endura Double Gain is a mass gaining supplement that contains a blend of three forms of protein, including whey protein concentrate, isolate and hydrolysate that can enhance the development of strong muscles. Formulated with high-end proteins and carbs, it can enhance energy and muscle strength during strenuous workout sessions. Enriched with vitaminsand minerals, this supplement can help enhance your muscular look. Containing glutamine, this supplement reduces muscle catabolism and helps you regain energy post-workout. It aids in the recovery of muscles from fatigue and soreness. Further, it works effectively for the development of your lean muscles. The supplement helps in reducing muscle protein loss during workout sessions and also works on replenishing muscle protein..  So, try Endura Double Gain to boost your workout performance.