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HealthAid Tubopreg Wheat Germ Oil (340 mg),  10 capsules  - Pack of 3
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HealthAid Tubopreg Wheat Germ Oil (340 mg), 10 capsules - Pack of 3

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  • Boosts the energy level of your body
  • Keeps you fresh and active
  • Reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases
  • Helps in reducing weight
  • Protects you from several infections

Avail the amazing benefits of green tea with Healthbuddy 100% Organic Green tea, which is made of the leaves from Camellia. These leaves undergo minimal oxidation during processing, protecting the components present in them. This tea is full of antioxidants, which maintain your cellular health and prevent premature ageing of cells. The presence of antioxidants helps enhance the immunity of your body and protects you from various diseases. It also improves the brain functioning and keeps you active all day, enabling you to carry on your daily tasks well. This tea takes care of your cardiovascular  health.

Healthbuddy 100% Organic Green tea helps in reducing your daily stress and enhances your mood. It provides instant energy to your body, and boosts the strength and stamina of your body. Green tea also acts as a blood purifier and thus removes toxins from the blood, giving you a clear complexion. Since green tea has fat-burning properties, it also promotes weight loss and helps you maintain a healthy body weight. So, skip your daily tea and sip on this green tea to experience a healthier you.