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  • best gainer

    Try a 6lb pack it will show quick results.

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  • Good mass gainer

    the product is really good and it doesnt give any digestion problem. But the size of the spooc is too big. But this supplement really helps in bulking up your body size and result is sure if you take this. Take early morning one spooc, after workout 1 spooc and before bedtime 1 spooc. Thank you and stay healthy

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  • Poor Performance

    This may be due to my allergy to Lactose consumption, but this product did not help me. This product consists creatine(composed mainly of lactose, milk protein) which is a slow digestive protein, so i was suffering from digestion problems throughout the whole month, on which i consumed this product. Gained weight only 500g in 1 month.

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Reviews of all Super Mass Gainer

  • This is one of the best ever mass gainer

    Hey guys out there this is one of the awesome mass gainer which I hav used I bought this product in neulife stores bcoz its less compared to healthkart Believe me or not I hav gained 10kgs in just 26days If you want to gainer serious mass follow my methods 1=breakfast at 9am with 2teaspoons of protien podwer only with milk and 2 boiled eggs 2=lunch at 2pm eat stomach full with 200grams chicken breast per day 3= sleep after your lunch for 1hour 4= at the gym do only BODY PUMPING workouts if u dont know check in youtube after workout 2 scoops of protien again immediate after workout with some banana or eggs 5=hav a half stomach dinner and sleep more at night minimum 9hours bcoz body needs rest to grow muscles FOLLOW THESE 5 SIMPLE STEPS TILL UR PROTIEN PODWER FINISH U WIL GAIN UPTO 15KGS TRUST ME

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  • Top Class Product

    Very effective, definite results when you follow you're diet. + Banana smoothie is my favourite...very good - don't take after 8 o clock or later in the night...You won't get sleep...

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  • Gourmet Vanilla 6 lb
    Super Mass Gainer, Vanilla

    To begin with, Healthkart is awesome with their delivery and price. After trying couple of mass gainers which didnt produce any significant results, I tried Dymatize Super Mass, Vanilla. Trust me it is one of the only products that gives value for money results. Taste is 10/10 with Vanilla. With their new shaker friendly improvement, it is easily to be used with a regular shaker. Keep up your regular high carb diet and Super Mass twice a day gives great results. Dymatize is the best of the mass gainer lot.

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  • 6 lb Cookies & Cream
    great product

    makes you gain weight at a pretty decent rate which is easier to keep even when you stop consuming it. taste 10/10.worked wonders for me

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  • gained 9kgs in just 7 days!

    Best mass gainer i've ever had!! Bought 6lb pack last winters.it helped me gain 9kgs with heavy diet in just 7 days !!!!! I went from 55kg to 64kg..just go for it

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  • Gourmet Vanilla 6 lb
    Fantastic product !!!!!!

    I bought this gainer from Healthkart itself,having used it before too and will also give it first preference in future. It is a fantastic gainer which dosen`t put any strain on the body or has any side effects.Also provides good energy and helps in quick recovery of muscles.Suitable for everyone,be it beginner or advanced level lifters.Just combine it with proper diet and workout and the results will definitely be impressive. A fantastic product at this price range and even challenges bigger budget rivals.Go for it without any second thought !!!!!!!!!

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  • the best mass gainer in the market

    i was very impressed with the results and the genuine produts of health kart .. i just 7 days i gained 1.5 kgs with normal diet and creatine . i m very excited now .. now i m back with my normal weight very very good product

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  • Awesome product

    Awesome product i have gained 4 kilos in just 2 weeks.. and Thank u Healthkart.

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  • Pro Summary
    Value for money
    Worth it..

    This is the kind of gainer you need. Missing the 12 lbs packing though.

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  • Pro Summary
    Value for money
    Best Mass gainer I have ever Used

    I have used so many mass gainers, and not gained a single LBS. This product is just doing what it says. I have gained 4 KG's with this 2 KG weight gainer along with Routine Diet . I want to go for 6 KG pack, but unfortunately its not in Stock. If you mix 1 scoop of it, would be hard to swallow. But you have to , if you want to get results. Do a heavy workout while consuming it. Don't have full scoop before sleep. You would not be able to sleep.. it will full your stomach, which would not let you sleep. Rest 10 out of 10. After MuscleTech this product helped me believing , mass gainers works. You need to very careful while using it, check it should be original. Best way is to scan the barcode to check if its original. You can scan the code and send it to Dymatize to confirm if original.

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