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  • exclnt


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  • awsm result

    if u use it properly with proper exercise its awsm!!!!!!!! and diet equally important i consumed 12 lbs in abt 1.5 mnths it helped me gain 7 kg

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  • health is wealth

    this product really,what you want from it... having great effect i had gained 5 kg weight in a month.. best mass grainer thn other gainers.

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  • 3 lb Chocolate
    gained 7 kgs in 1 and a 1/2 month of summer

    i wanted to gain weight atleast 5 to 6 kgs searched all over the internet and talked to friends everywhere ON was the dominating brand. decided to take ON serious mass, now the problem was when i should start taking it. because my daily routine was very hectic. so cleverly decided to take it in summer holidays, people say that it is very hard to gain in summers, as our hunger reduces, thats why i decided to take it in summer. from the 1st day of my holidays i started taking it, i was regular in gym from 3 months i think, before it. emptied the 12 lbs in 1 and 1/2 month roughly with ON micronised creatine. my hunger increased, almost it was double and i gained 7 kgs as i was a hard gainer. and that too in summer season. so the first impression of ON to me is really amazing. now planning to take second SERIOUS MASS..

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  • the best weight gainer

    i have been using it for last 25 days, earlier my weight was 62 kg now it is 69 kg. 7 kg in 25 days! wow. i am taking one and a half scoop 2 times a day with 500ml full cream milk abd and 4 banana each time. also i am having 4 to 5 eggs every day.

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  • best mass gainer

    This is best product for me gained 14kg in 1.5 month ......

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  • Great Visual Results

    The product is authentic and gives you great visual results . Best for those who have problem eating too much to remain in calaorie surplus

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  • ON is just great

    Been using On products for 6 months now and i love the results they give!!!

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  • 3 lb Chocolate
    gained 4kg in 9 days!!

    started using this product on 8 august, weighted 66kg then, today on 16 august , weighted 70kg!!!!! aawsum product!! tastes also gud, with no side effect. highly recommend!!

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  • health is wealth

    best prdouct

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