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  • this is what every guy needs

    Guys I had muscle mass along with fat over it, wanted a product dat helps me enhance d muscle wdout incrsng fat %, after readng d specs I planned to buy this product. And now I just can't xprs my xcitmnt, cz it gave me exactly wat I needed, awesomest muscle growth wdout adding dat extra fat, incredible increase in biceps, chest and every muscle.every time I hit d gym,my stamina and strength just gets doubled.I am gonna b life long user of this product for sure. Request muscletech to make a bigger pack size, cz dis lasts just for 21-25 days Max.

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  • Best product ever in Gainer category

    Best taste. Improved my performance. And I can see muscle gain as well after been using for two weeks now. I would surely take more of this product in future. I take 3 scoops daily post workout.

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  • Excellent product

    Great results. Loved it.

    Was this review helpful to you? Yes 3
  • outstanding product.

    This is an amazing mass gainer. Very nice in taste and does not cause any side effect. My arm size went from 15 inch to 17 inch unpumped in just 2 months. Only problem is if one does not workout rigorously, there is bound to be a little belly fat deposition. I would certainly recommend this knowing the fact that it unleashes 10g of creatine in a single serving of 5 scoops!!

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  • Odring second time

    i Just ordered this product let see the result guyzzzzzzzzz

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  • muscletech review

    great performance really put mass & strength in my body. must go if u want size.

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  • Awesome Service!!

    I was really stunned by the kind of service healthkart gave me!! I received my order the very next day after placing it.Very nice packing.They have ensured it reaches the customer safely.Wont comment anything about the product since i've just received it.I'll do a product review later as i consume it.

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  • Good product!!!

    Amazing mix ability.. good taste- vanilla. great pickup.. recommended..

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  • tsste amazing

    Bought this on healthkart vanilla flavour 7lbs taste is amazing 10/10 mixibility 10/9.5 results 10/7

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  • good

    best pickup!

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