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  • Excellent Product, Great Price

    This is an awesome product with the right balance of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, joint care compounds & natural metabolism boosters. The best part is that it is an Indian company providing quality products at a much discounted price. This is the first product that I have tried from muscleblaze and already reordered it twice, hence leaving a review for it. Muscleblaze as a company shows a lot of promise, tried their glutamine as well, will be trying other products soon!

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  • Awesome Product

    Hi all, I am done with 2 packs of MB-VITE and here is the detailed and honest review of this product. (I am graduate in Pharmaceutical science and working with a conglomerate of Nutrition in this world.) On paper this product has almost everything you can expect, from Multivitamins to performance boosters and from metabolism boosters to joint care blend. Now the question is "Does it really works?" "How much it works?" and the most important one "Should I buy this product?" (Here I am also taking into account the other Multivitamins available into the market.) So here we go one by one; Does it really works?....Yes it does. It gives you almost everything you need* How much it works?.... It will work more than you are willing to work on your own :). Jokes apart, but product is really effective and you will feel the change in stamina as well as health as soon as you will start with it.** Should I buy this product?...Yes you should, without a second thought. You will find a lot of products in the market, they also works but not like this beast. *absorption of multivitamins from your digestive system greatly depends on your gut health and the level of deficiency of nutrient. Body has selective absorption mechanism it absorbs only those nutrients which is actually needed. If you want to stay healthy and get maximum out of this or any multi-vitamin multi-mineral please follow the instructions I am giving here: 1- Take your tab just after your meal preferably lunch, I mean to say replace your desert by MV tablet. 2- Never take Tea or coffee at least 2.5 hr before and after the meal because it prevents the absorption of several vitamins and minerals in your body. 3- Never ever take MV on empty stomach. It might hurt like hell and hurting is completely normal in this case. 4- Take only 1 tab in a day if you are not working out or you weigh less than 55kg (avg figure). If you are doing intense workout take 2. 5- Keep your gut healthy. ** I have tried this product on me and one of my friends. This product reduces joint pain and inflammation. Reduces joint pain!!! Up to what extent??? And the answer is?COMPLETELY. My friend (28 M) was an Alcohol addict and ended up with high blood Uric Acid. Which finally resulted as joint inflammation and arthritis and it hurts like anything. I recommended him this multivitamin and from the 4th day onwards his pain disappeared. Although he stopped after 1 pack (pure carelessness) and sometimes he complains that joints are hurting but pain is only 2% of what it used to be. For me it helped in overall well-being and performance. Results are so quick and potent that sometimes I doubt on its composition :)

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  • Great product :) satisfied

    On paper it seems good ... Have alot of minerals and vitamis + fat burning formula and muscle recovery blend as well .. Have just started so cant say about results .. But i think i have started developing loyality for muscleblaze ... Hope the price dosent shoot up ..or everybody will definately shift to foreign brands

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  • verry good product

    I am using mb vite which is very good provide all tipe of micro nutrition and essential minerals

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  • Excellent multi-vitamin supplement!

    I am a big fan of this brand of multi-vitamins now. A pill a day keeps me going through the day. I also use this before workouts, and it helps to keep me energized and focussed.

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  • good product at good price..

    awesome product by muscleblaze..thanku mb.. feel the difference in just one week. go for it guys its awesome..

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  • Quality of Service

    I thank Healthkart for taking good response on my complaints of delivery, this shows that Healthkart really wants to deliver a quality of service to the customer. I got the product i ordered and i love the way it was packed and the product is really genuine. This is the best online shopping site which can be trusted. Keep it up for ur good service.

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  • great!!!!!!

    reduced my joint pain,very effective

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  • MuscleBlaze MB-VITE Multivitamin !

    Good Multivitamin ! does not know why people down voting this product :/ Got 61 Tablets 1 tablet Extra :D Intake After Heavy use after Dinner.

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  • Efficacy has a price

    For hard gainers double up the dose, while having it with first and the last meal of the day. Probably the best solution for stubborn muscles.

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