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  • Best solution - Diet control + ACV

    Its been almost a month I am using this. Just two slight changes in diet 1. 2 teaspoon apple cider vinegar in warm water on an empty stomach in the morning 2. no food after 7:00 P.M it helped me reduce almost 3.5 Kg in one month

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  • Good Product Overall

    I am a regular consumer of apple cider vinegar. Tried Berry Naturals with honey flavour, it is good to taste. All together a good product

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  • Good Product!

    A good bottle of apple cider vinegar. It has the important-for-health 'mother' - the mother is what makes the liquid cloudy and has the important nutrients & vitamins. So please buy apple cider vinegar with mother only. There are some companies that refine it and filter it, so the liquid becomes clear, but then you lose the important nutrients. It is already with Honey so you really don't need to add honey in it to be drinkable.

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  • Must for all.

    Apple cider vinegar is a must have product at your home. There are multiple benefits of acv be it weight loss, activeness, helps in digestion. Berry Natural apple cider vinegar is a very good product and also it has very good packaging as compared to other brands.

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  • Very good product..

    It is a very good natural product, daily consumption of ACV keeps me active. I take it empty stomach very first thing in the morning in water. Since it is with honey so its taste is also good. I will definitely recommend it to everyone.

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  • Good But Unflavoured is better

    I have used without Honey ACV as well. I find that better as you can add Honey to taste.

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