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  • 60 capsules Unflavoured
    substandard product

    Where to begin , service from HealthKart was Great but, thats about it. The product looks fake (i am scared to actually ingest the pill). The bottle had a rubbish lable completely ill-legible every thing was printed in bad way could not read direction or caution nothing , not to mention the bottle was for 250 pill or something because it was filled only upto quarter mark why would any company package its product in such a uneconomical way the bottle was 3/4 empty !!! Carrying on. this is some some cheap indian firm which produces in africa , i wonder why?. and after a lot of detective work i found it ships same content from same place (South Africa) with same address under 3-4 different brand. the whole thing looks shady. being suspicious i opened a capsule. Its some brown colored stuff i am not calling it a powder because its non homogenous small clumped granule which resembles soil , it also had some white some yellow. One pill had like 4 yellow grains (i am assuming it to be some crushed pill) and the other capsule had something like 17 18 . so u get normal doze in 1 pill while the other might exceed it by a very good margin and also the reason why they do not disclose amount of contents in weight. which if produced in india they would have to. in the end i would like to command u , no not suggest; rather command u not to buy any thing from this brand the other brands are 1)Evolution Sports Nutrition http://esnonline.co.za/ 2)Scientific Sports Nutrition http://ssnonline.co.za/ 3)Domin8r http://domin8r.co.za/ 4)Xtreme Force 5) PHYSIQUE ELITE http://www.physique-elite.com/ the more i search the more brands from same address are pooping out.

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