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    Very very result oriented product. Reduced good amount of weight in 15days. One tablet in a day. I WOULD LIKE TO THANK FOR THE NUTRITION DEPARTMENT for proper guidance selection of products (regular buyer of health kart). Control on diet, do intense workout take proper protein and carbs result will come. PLEASE DON'T LOOSE PATIENCE IN REDUCING WEIGHT.

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  • Superb!

    Blasting workouts baby!!!

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  • a womens take

    Amazing pills, no side effects whatsoever. But been only taking one in the morning, one in the evening.So not the full recommended dosage. It has worked to an extent of 3 lbs per week. Ofciurse with excersie.

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  • Recommended

    best fat burner I ever !

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  • Does the job brilliantly, with some flaws

    Original weight: 79 Height: 5'8 Needed to reduce just a bit to get in optimum range. This product delivered bang on! With moderate sessions in gym (heavy cardio, light weights, slightly lower than average diet), I was down to 71 in two months. Results are weekly due to water weight reduction. +ves: Kills appetite drastically (example: down to 1 roti instead of 3) Lots and lots of sweat. Water weight falls almost daily. Plateau comes quite late. -ves: I took it in summer. It shoots up body temp. It does not show on thermometer but you feel damn hot. Can be treated by drinking excess water but I couldn't always. Plus, taking in summers was bad. Heart beat pumps up. You can feel it thumping. Again, water is best remedy. Also, slight jitters because of caffeine. Say bye to sleep if you take this and drink even a small cup of coffee/ diet coke etc. Advise: I took 2 before gym session at 12 noon. That's 2x4= 8 a week. Flush with water, lots of it and you'll be fine. I left gym for a month and now at 75 but holding on to it. Will buy another to hit 70 and stay there. Hope it works for all as it did for me.

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  • grenade

    I'm using it with intense workout and rigid diet. this product is coming out useless so far. Seems complete waste of money and also time. it defeated in war from fat. I don't know why they give fake commitments.

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  • Wasteof time..

    this is a complete waste of time and money.. I started using this with a very strict diet and some heavy exercise routine "Insanity- by Shaun T" Apart from giving me massive headaches and jittery feeling all day long .. this product has done nothing.. completely regretted my decision of buying this.

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