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  • Unflavoured 30 capsules
    Good Product!!! Must try it once.

    Hi, I have started using this product since I was not able to take all the of the daily required Vitamins and Minerals due to a busy schedule and working in the shifts. I could see the change within 2 weeks of its consumption. I know we can not have all the vitamins and minerals from our daily diet intake that is actually fulfilled by this product. This product meets all our daily recomended value and is good too. I will suggest it ones who are not taking proper diet and not able to take all of the vitamins and mineral that we require to have can go for it. I bought it 2 in the price of 1. I could see following benefits in me post its consumption: 1. It promotes a healthy sleep since I work in the shifts and I required it. 2. It relaxes mind and keeps me going on. 3. It keeps me active throughout the day and fulfilled my expectation out of it. 4. It is a good supplement which provides all the vitamins and Minerals of daily recomended value. It has Ginseng too. 5. Goes per my pocket. 6. The %value of its ingredients is at an optimal level not too high. I checked the other products and found %value a little high some of the contents which I do not support. Good product overall.

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  • Unflavoured 30 capsules
    Must Give A Try

    Awesome Product ! I'm ordering it second time. I have been using it from half month and results are so so good. Even after having a hactic schedule including 2 hours of gym workout ,I never feel low in the evening it makes me feel alive and energetic. Must Have Product

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  • Unflavoured 30 capsules
    Keeps u energized through the day

    Keeps u energized through the day But non-vegetarian Pretty cost effective when compared to AMway Nutrilite but the amount of Vitamins is almost half that of Amway

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  • Effective tablet with more energy

    I have been using this Daily Vitamin since more than 4 months as I have been regular to Gym, Trust me it is really necessary for your daily diet as your normal food does not give you the nutritious elements which are required for your body to survive. I already used 2 bottles of capsules 1 per day does not make you feel lethargic or tired. It is really effective to be healthy.

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  • Unflavoured 30 capsules
    value for money must try

    value for money

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  • Unflavoured 30 capsules
    Nice product

    Highly satisfied. Does what is mentioned in the correspondence.

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  • "HealthViva Daily (Multivitamin with Ginseng)"

    Awesome product. It gives you all the vitamins a body requires which you can't afford in your daily food. It keeps you healthy and active all day. Just go for it without a second thought.

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  • stay energetic the whole day

    you don't have to wait 15 days to see it's result, it works within a week, just take a pill with your breakfast and keep yourself energetic throughout the day, i read a review saying if you are a gym goers then take twice in a day, fellows trust me a single pill is simply enough, I regularly hit the gym and never fill tired and it never comes in my mind that I should intake it twice daily.. now about the product : the product basically fulfil your vitamins and minerals deficiency but the master part of this is the ginseng, ginseng never let your down, never allows you to get lethargic, you can walk, you can work, you can do everything you desired..so a big thumb up to healthviva and lighting fast delivery is also praiseworthy...

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  • This product is building my muscles

    After using this product i can see cuts of muscles on my m body...Highly recommended for avg. person and daily athletes...Very useful product...I daily take 1 along with breakfast

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  • good for muscle size

    its really work good product for gain size

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