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  • 120 capsules Unflavoured
    purpose achieved even with two caps

    well 1stly arginine is an non-essential amino acid, nevertheless there is no harm in consuming it, & its scientifically proven that you need utmost 5gms of arginine to achieve the benefits of it, anyways you should also be knowing that many pre/post workouts already consists of arginine. Anyways coming to the product the serving size is 6 caps for men, 3 prior to workout n 3 post. I anyhow consume c4 which already contains Nitrate(nitric oxide-NO3) so i end up taking 2 caps right b4 the workout & then when there is a need of taking it after the workout, it is again solved by my protein shake. So you can use it according to your needs. p.s. Arginine helps for blood-flow, which helps it reach to your muscles, makes you look more vascular(Fibrous), improve muscle pumps & lastly it avoids saturation of fat underneath your skin !!!

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