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  • It's Good.

    I will try to make this as short and succinct as possible. Original Requirement: I am just a normal fitness freak who's into muscle building and since I take about 1-2 scoops of protein everyday, in order to maintain the required calcium levels in the body, I am taking this Calcium + (Secondary) Mineral Supplement. Protein synthesis in the body needs calcium, which will be obtained from the bones if the body's calcium reserves are low or depleted. Effect: The normal healthy Calcium levels in Men are about 14% of your total body mass and looking at how mine hasn't spiked beyond this level, I would presume that this supplement is doing its job or I am peeing out the excess.... :) which should be fine I guess Pros & Cons: I am no medical expert so, apart from the above observation, I really have no point to show that this supplement is better than the other Calcium supplement products out there. However, I am a strict vegetarian and the other companies mainly Healthvit and others seem to get their calcium derived from Gluten (Derived from Animal Fat and Bones) or Oyster shell which seemed to me like it was a crossing a line. Which is why I went for this eyes closed. It's derived from Vegetarian sources (or so it says) so this is the only pro that matters to me. I will update this review in the event of any further points I notice. Till then, this should be your go-to calcium + secondary mineral source if you're looking for Vegetarian sources.

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