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  • 90 capsules Unflavoured
    Excelent Fat Burner

    This is my second review about this fat burner which delevered on 18th sept 2014 & today is 20th oct 2014, in 28days I have lost around 5kg. I did take it thrice a day as recomended on the bottle,Started with 71kg and now its 66kg.The best thing about this is after taking it you wont feel any jettery or anything unusual. but when u do your workout u will sweat like hell & also full of energy.I also followed a strict diet and workout protocol, I took 1 capsule in an empty stomac in the morning and did cardio. and one before lunch and the last one is before my evening workout[strength traning]. NOTE : I WILL RECOMEND EVERYONE TO TAKE THIS. Lastly just wanted to know who many bottles can I go with or do I have to cycle this.again thankyou healthkart for quick delivery & aswome packaging.

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  • 90 capsules Unflavoured
    100% Worth... 3Kgs in 5 Days

    Its Working For Me, Daily am doing Elliptical Training for just 40 mins twice a day, also maintaining diet, By using this capsule i reduced 3 Kgs in 5 Days, its unbelievable result for me.... 100% Worth Buying...

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  • 90 capsules Unflavoured
    Excellent Product !!!!

    First of all i like to say that fat burners are not magic pills, some people say they using it for 1 month with no effect and some say they workout & taking pills daily but seeing no result so mine question is simple if you workout daily than why yours weight is not losing not even a kg. Furthermore,its good product but if u have mentality of high price & good result than this is not for them.Using it from 2 months and got 8 kg off with exercise (6 days a week ), so choose what you want guys.Happy Workout Times

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  • 90 capsules Unflavoured
    Really Works

    Bought this a few weeks ago and started using it, it really help me burn more fats, I was struggling to lose weight, I've been working out, jogging for a year on a balanced diet yet I could not lose weight. But now after taking these pills I really got some results. I lose almost about 2kgs within a few weeks. All my trousers waist are loose now, time to get some new ones and all thanks to Healthkart's Muscleblaze fat burner. I also perspire more during workout but that doesn't really add to the fat burning.

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  • 90 capsules Unflavoured
    MuscleBlaze Fat Burner

    For those who run away from using Indian health supplements,Muscleblaze will surprise you. After using hydroxycut and other international fat burner, I wanted to give a try . So I researched it's ingredients thoroughly and read the reviews....I finally bought this and I can already see results. results surprise me . i love muscle blaze guyz . muscle blaze u change mah life ..

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  • 90 capsules Unflavoured
    SEXY PRODUCT...if u know how to make best of it..

    Hello guys,, This product really works so good but use it like i mentioned below..seriously it worked well for me.. 1)Take atleast 15 to 30mints before workout..Dont exceed beyond 30 mints..It may loose it effectiveness 2)U wont get energy like hulk..Yet u can feel a change..So start with cardio daily atleast 30 mints(15 mints threadmil,15 mint elliptical machine)..Later before moving into workouts take ten mints break .Meanwhile eat banana for carbo energy.. 3)The more cardio u do after this tab the more fat u burn..specially from abs..Doesnt it sounds good.. 4)Try to grab grill chicken daily for dinner..its perfect diet.or fish also.. 5)Lots lots of water 5 lts surely 6)In two weeks u can expect a drop in pant size..sure if u go with good diet with daily cardio of30 mints. NO CAFFINE>>>NO SIDE EFFECTS..>>ALL THE BEST..

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  • 90 capsules Unflavoured

    If you want to burn your belly fat use MuscleBlaze fat burner:Clean diet + proper workout+ MuscleBlaze fat burner and you will see results in two months i have lost 15 kg of body weight and my abs are now visible i am totally satisfied with this product trust me guys use this fat burner.

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  • 90 capsules Unflavoured
    lost 10kg in 2 months

    After using this for two months with regular exercize, I lost 10 kg of my weight

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  • 90 capsules Unflavoured
    6 KG loss in 35 days

    6 KG loss in 35 days. But as MuscleBlaze says you do have to back it up with workout and diet.

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  • 90 capsules Unflavoured
    Great product.Must try

    After Taras thermocut this is the product which does work wonders. Will combine both next time.. kaboom..

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