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  • 0.67 lb Unflavoured
    Amazing product

    This is the second time i have ordered this product of muscleblaze. I must say muscleblaze is a great competitor for all the international brands in India. Regarding this product this is a amazing product. Gives you strength stamina and amazing pump and muscle development. Concentrate on diet and leave rest in the hands of this product. Taste 0/0 why zero because it is tasteless. Mixing ability 10/10. Effect 10/10. I recommend this product to all.

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  • 0.67 lb Unflavoured
    amazing product MB glutamine

    Its just a amazing product, daily twice I use MB glutamine along with MB whey protein and banana juice, the recovery is good, quality is good. price is also less compared to other products. And one more magic of this glutamine is that it does boost sexual life,I personally highly recommend this one

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  • 0.67 lb Unflavoured
    Will recommend it to all....

    I was doing heavy workout because of which I was facing pain in my muscles...My trainer suggested me to go for Glutamine. I saw this product and compared it with other brands but this one was really good...This product gives you good results and price is economical and easily affordable....After taking this product my muscle pain reduced within one week ...I am happy to use such good product and will recommend it to all...

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  • Good Product

    I have used 3 muscle-blaze products (Whey protein, Creatine, Glutamine). I ordered 100grm of this product for a test and i am satisfied with the results and i will recommend this product to buyers, taste neutral mixing is good and results and good. People usually don't prefer Indian brand but muscle-blaze is a amazing in every product.

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  • 0.67 lb Unflavoured
    Gives you good recovery and strength....

    I bought this product few weeks back, first of all thank you HealthKart for the speedy delivery.... This product is good and gives you good recovery and improve your strength and muscle fatigue...Mixibility is good and it dissolves fast without any lumps...Overall great product...

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  • 0.66 lb Unflavoured
    a decent product

    I was looking for a supplements that can reduce post workout muscle soreness. I talked to the HK's Nutritionist & he suggested me MuscleBlaze. Have never used muscleblaze product earlier. But after using this,I can say it is nyc nd Decent. Not highly effective as other international brands but still its acceptable. . It works as it says.. thumbs up. Add it to your nutrition cart if u looking for a low budget glutamine. getting some size too. Thanks fitnesspro.

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  • 0.67 lb Unflavoured
    Outstanding performance

    Nytng to say ... c d result with in two weeks .... go for it .. n MB my fav brand n HK my fav supplement store

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  • 0.67 lb Unflavoured
    cheap & works really good.! i'll recommend this for sure.!

    works really good & its cheap too.!! use it as post workout,it will help you to recover your muscles from heavy workout,and recovery is a key factor for muscle growth.!!mix it with your protein shake...

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  • 0.66 lb Unflavoured

    people don't go for indian brands thinking that it may contain some banned substance,or they may cause some side effect...but this product is just awsome...i've been using it for 2 months and i've seen mind blowing changes...now i'm able to lift heavy weights,able to do my super sets and drop sets comfortably....if someone is looking for a cheap but effective glutamine powder then this product is the answer....i'll give it 100/100

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  • 0.66 lb Unflavoured
    Glutamine Review

    Made noticable gains in strength, stamina and recovery. Made new PR(personal records) in most lifts, Could train hard upto 6 days a week. Taking 10-15g divided in 3 doses. Highly recommended if doing HIT.

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