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    Substantial 10kg plus drop in weight and still dropping. 2500 calorie diet and vigorous Gym and 2wice a day Cardio. it works. please go for it One Recommendation: give a 10 day Gap inbetween the 90 capsule 2wice a day schedule Thank you muscleblaze (saved my life) height 167 cm 107 kg to currently 89kg Target: ( 67kg) with 15- 10% body fat

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  • very nice product

    it's freaking awesome . works really good no doubt . enhance the workout performance . not only for fat loss but for bodybuilding also . but dont take after 6 pm else you get sleepless nights . its better to do workout in the morning if you using this product .

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  • mast

    product is nic give best result

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  • For all the confusions and rumours...

    There are a lot of confusions, and negatives are roaming around. You need to understand one thing, this or any other Fat burner capsules are not any kind of magic capsules that you just take and get slim. Fat burner does 2 primary things: 1. Burns the fat and converts into energy. 2. Increase the metabolism rate. Whenever you take fat burner capsule, it actually boosts the energy level. Make sure to use all the extra energy by working harder. You will get the desired result by burning fat faster. Of course, Fat burners have side effects, as no external thing is free of side effects. Head-ache will go after 1 week of daily use. One more thing, don't take this capsule in or after evening, else you will face sleep deprivation. Also, make sure to drink a lot of water if you take fat burners. Better, if you consult a physician before use. MuscleBlaze MB Burner PRO does it's job excellently, boost energy big time. This delivers very good result under a decent price tag. This product is recommended if you are looking for a fat burner. Cheers!

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  • It's amazing product..

    i recently use this product before workout and i was like!! waow..i feel so much energy in me at the time my workout . just completed a week and seriously i can see change in my body shape. with good diet and workout it will work like a magic..Thanks Healthkart

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  • Good

    This product is pretty good.....u get very good results with well maintained diet....without high protein diet it?s nothing.....n I think maybe u don?t need it Coz everything depends on ur protein intake so overall it?s good

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  • 90 capsules

    this is best fat bunner

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  • mast

    product is nic give best result

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  • works splendid only with exercise

    I have ordered this pack and I had got wonderful result.I had seen 10kg weight loss with some cheat days within 45 days.So definitely go for this tablet.

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  • original product fell free to buy

    best fat burner at genuine price. results are very good . ordering again in future.

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