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  • 0.96 lb Candy Apple
    good product

    very good product. gives long lasting energy my workouts have improved. may not improve strength but certainly improved endurance and stamina so that i can excercise longer without tiring. been using only for 10 days so cant comment on side effects or any other long term effects.

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  • 1.62 lb Raspberry Lemonade
    its justifying the name

    This is been 3rd week I have been using this fabulous product from MusclePharm. And now I realize why its among the top rated Pre Workouts in the World. I'm getting super pumps and nice focus, energy at gym now without getting tired. After this you will come out of the gym as you have entered fresh n not tired though your muscles would be feelings the burn of heavy workout. Used Raspberry Lemonade ..taste 8/10, Effectiveness 10/10, . just take it 15-20 minutes before your workout do 5 mins cardio and then it kicks out. Made you beast in the gym and Half dose is more than enough for that. Highly recommended :)

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  • 0.96 lb Watermelon
    Good product if u take pre-caution

    it just helps to awake the beast inside you.It gives u unlimited energy and provides you mental focus.but drink plenty of water while consuming it.bcoz if you're not taking enough water,it'll de-hydrate your body and it'll visible in your skin and hair.u'll face hair-loss and dry skin type problems.So if you're taking enough water then its ok for all.And take it minimum 5hrs before bed.Otherwise u'll face insomnia.Just because of the unlimited energy that it provides.Its a very good product.Guys go for it.

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  • Pro Summary
    Value for money
    0.96 lb Pineapple Mango

    Good result...

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  • 1.62 lb Grape Blast
    The assault rifle!

    This is the best preworkout . Weneva i take this i feel like em turned into a beast.

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  • 1.62 lb Green Apple
    great energy booster

    In just two weeks my workouts have gone double because of this product.

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  • 1.62 lb Fruit Punch

    What can I say,the product tastes good,feels good,provides lots of energy during and post workout. One thing i did differently was that i added lil less han 1/2 scoop(provided) to about 600 ml water and shook it before use,reason being that I wanted to allow my body to gradually adjust to this supplement and increase the dose over time.Also this way the product wud last longer.:) Tee Haa.Did 1 1/2 hr of vigorous weights and cardio. Not a bit felt low. Energy kept coming. Highly recommend this to anyone.

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  • Pro Summary
    Value for money
    0.96 lb Fruit Punch

    best pre workout

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  • 0.96 lb Raspberry Lemonade
    Improved workout

    If you are in search of an energy then your search ends here....

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  • 1.62 lb Watermelon
    Excellent pre workout

    This is one of the few preworkouts that taste very well and are effective as well. Half a scoop works well for me . It takes about 15-20 minutes to kick in and once it does you can feel the difference. I feel though it is a little expensive even if you buy it from other stores.

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