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  • Fast delivery

    Loved HealthKart for fast delivery I haven't used the product yet once i use it I'll get back with a review hopefully positive

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  • Really an awesme product

    I have lost 2 kgs in just 1 week and the bestbpart aftr taking the capsule it gives the energy boost tats really awesme.....

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  • it's Good

    i m not fat but i wanted to lose some fat around my Stomach.it gave what i wanted but dont go over recommended dose.must try

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  • Best Fat Burner

    Bought this product 5 days from now and lose 2.5 Kg in just 5 days. I followed proper diet plan and i go for running in morning for 20 minutes and i do my workout at gym. I don't eat anything after 6 pm, No side effects. Who all want to lose weight, its a great product for them. I searched many products before buying fat burner and finally buy lipo 6 black and i'm happy that i choose good product.

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  • Superb Product just love it <3

    Hi frndz i am 23 year old male and weight is 68.500 KG it was 72.500 just one month before. since i am taking first time this capsule and i had never experience of any fat burner this is my first and last product and i really enjoying its result. i take only 2 capsule before one hour of my exercise and just only 2 capsule work like hell for me and i am very satisfied i am thinking if i regularly take 6 caps in one day i could loss 5 kg in week. thank you so much healthkart and of course nutrex for this wonderful product. if you want to burn the fat go with it..

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  • Best Result Little Side Effects

    I have used this product personally from last 2 Months. Results are great.PLAN: 1 Cap: 1 Week | 2 Cap: 2 Weeks | 1 Week Off | 2 Cap: 2 Weeks | 3 Cap: 2 Weeks Take 1 Cap in Morning 1 Cap around 10 - 11AM.Dont take it at time of lunch you will have trouble while sleeping. I have become fully LEAN. I started at 22% Body Fat Now I'm at 15%.

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  • Great Having it till now

    Writing this review after 6 days use. Used this product for about 5 days, took 4 caps per day, first action is loads of sweat which helps in fat-loss, great amount of energy and power (could lift more weights than ever, increase in strength and stamina) lost 2-3 kilos in 5 days, use it with proper nutrition and exercise, and no side-effects till now, giving it a 4 star because till now used only 6 days and after the course is complete, will be able to review its final transformation.

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  • LIPO 6 Black

    First and foremost top marks to HealthKart for on the dot service. I have been using LIPO 6 for 3 days now and clearly this product suppresses the apatite. I have read a few blogs online with comments on energy boost, which has not worked for me personally. Nonetheless, with my workout regimen, the product is definitely showing results in no time. To my mind its mainly due to reduction in calorie intake, which I could not avoid earlier since, I am big on snacks. On the flip side, I have noticed minor migraines within 1 hour of taking the pills and it makes me irritable too. So please consult your physician before you go infor it. I am taking lesser than the recommended dosage and take 2 in the morning, half hour before breakfast and 2 in the evening pre-workout. Hope this helps folks that are keen on picking up the product.

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  • Nice one but b careful

    I had lost 2-3 kg weight in just 1week , with intense cardio and weight training and proper diet ( high protein , low carb and fat ) I was surprised to see that result in just 7 days ,,, but on the other side i got some side effects aswell like acne on the body and little bit on face aswell . So, be careful and get more knowledge how to use it. Don't use with other products having caffeine in it.

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  • don't buy it from healthkart

    No result i m consuming it for 20days.

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